*~* Happy New Year *~*~ ROLL CALL!

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*~* Happy New Year *~*~ ROLL CALL!
Sun, 01-01-2006 - 8:14am


I'm Cathy (37). My DS, Jack, who is 4.5 and has PDD-NOS brings me here. He's my middle, I also have two NT DDs (ages 7.5 and almost 2).

We've been on this journey a couple of years. He was typically developing until about age 2 and then some sensory stuff developed and his languaged quit bursting. It took us a while to put it together.

He gets about 25 hours of ABA at school and at home, plus OT and speech at both places.

He is very easy-going child, I like to say he's as sweet as the day is long. But still, it's difficult. Another thing I say is that "Even the best days are very hard." This has been compounded by having a toddler in the house!

My wish for the year is that we see some improvements in his language as we've been seeing in his decreased sensory behaviors.

*~* Happy New Year *~* everyone!



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Sun, 01-01-2006 - 11:40am

Hi Cathy, thanks for starting this thread!

I'm Jennifer, mom to Sylvia (turned 4 y.o. on Dec. 26, PDD-NOS) and Sebastian (2 y.o., NT -- we think). 2005 was an exhausting year for us, as we got Sylvia assessed in June by the school district, and formally dx'd in November with PDD-NOS. She started preschool in September where she's receiving OT, ST, and will start PT in January. We've seen improvements already, so we're optimistic about 2006...

As for Sebastian, we have an appointment in January to have him evaluated through EI for speech/language. He talks all the time, but isn't putting words together in sentences unless we teach him the phrase/sentence. That's a big red flag for us, since Sylvie had that problem as well. But in all other respects he seems VERY NT -- he doesn't exhibit any of the other symptoms that so worried us about Sylvie. So we'll see if he qualifies for services or not, and move on from there. Apparently our county JUST changed the qualifications for receiving EI services, and if the child only has an expressive language delay, they often won't qualify, since they feel that most of those kids will catch up on their own. But if there are other issues involved (including articulation) than they will qualify. So keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

Happy New Year to all of you lovely people!

Jennifer :)

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Sun, 01-01-2006 - 12:44pm

I'm Michelle, married to TJ for 17yrs. We have 2 boys, Tyler 9 NT and Nathan 7 (this month!) HFA. Nathan was dx'd at age 5 while in preschool. He is attending 1st grade now and doing well. He receives speech, extra help with reading and math, and attends a social skills class at school. Nathan is quiet, funny, repetitive, obsessive, and very particular about things...which makes life interesting around here! Tyler is a great big brother. He helps Nathan with his play skills and his speech. And he encourages Nathan to do things on his own...praising him when he does do something. Although, like all big brothers, he loves to pick on Nathan, wrestle, and irritate Nathan as much as possible!! He knows Nathan's quirks...so he enjoys "playing" with him to the point of Nathan screaming!!!! Which I do soooo enjoy!!!

I've been a sahm mom since Nathan was born. I love to cook and garden, and take care of my 3 men!!! Now that both boys are in school all day, I've found time to myself now!!! YEAH!!!! I also love being on the computer and have found these boards to offer alot of comfort and support. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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Sun, 01-01-2006 - 1:35pm


I'm Pam (36) and DH Steve (38).

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Sun, 01-01-2006 - 3:24pm

Hi! I'm Kate, mom to Ryan (6, 7 in Feb) and wife to Dan. We live in PA. Ryan was dx with AS in 2003, he has been receiving services since then.

He is now in a regular kindy class, shares an aide with another student, and gets speech and social skills therapy at school. Although he is still a loner, he is doing well at school and is a great reader, kind of self taught. Reading is his strength, which I hope will help him when he gets to higher grades. I think he will have trouble with Math and other "executive function" type things.

But he is a funny, sweet kid and his quirky mom wouldn't have him any other way.

Happy New Year..looking forward to another year on this roller coaster ride..


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Sun, 01-01-2006 - 5:04pm

Hello, I am Renee (36), Married to John (38) for 14 years.

We have Cait who is 11. She has Aspergers and is in a special aspergers program in middle school. She attends 2 specialized classes for social skills and study skills and otherwise is mainstreamed with another boy from the program and an aide for all her academics.

Mike will be 10 next month and has AS. He is in 4th grade in a special day class program wiht a 1:1 aide and mainstreamed about 1 hour a day. He has been in the same class since 3rd grade and will be again next year. He has a wonderful teacher without whom this placement wouldn't work. But fortunately because of her he is able to be at our neighborhood school with his siblings.

Emily is 7 yo, in 2nd grade and a future chef/ food channelaholic. She is a great kid stuck in the middle of this crew but she really has come into her own little attitude and can take them on. She is going to need it in this family. She also has become the social butterfly and most feminine tomboy I know. But she has boys calling her nearly daily for play dates (but as one of the guys) and on the other days it is girls calling her.

Dave will be 6 this month and diagnosed ADHD/borderline PDD-NOS. The PDD-NOS is provisional and may be removed. He is not neurologically typical but no one can put a finger on it. He is doing so well and I am hoping it sticks and maybe both diagnosis removed. He is in a regular kindie class and has an IEP but I don't even think they have been implementing it this year and it may be removed next month too. He has a wonderful teacher with the perfect personality who is taking care of everything herself. Plus the kid was made to be in fulltime school. He is thriving off the structure and learning. A few glitches but hopefully he just keeps making progress and doing well.


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Sun, 01-01-2006 - 11:18pm

Hi All I'm Christie (37) married to John (32) and we have two boys - Vaughn (7 yrs with AS from my previous marriage) and Jack (17 months) - we are in Ohio.

Vaughn has had "behavior problems" at school since the moment he entered preschool. He has seen a private therapist for almost a year and just about 4 months ago she mentioned AS. Up until that very moment I have never even heard the word Aspergers. Vaughn was officially diagnosed with AS, anxiety disorders and mild ADD on Dec. 15, 2005. His school is starting the MFE and IEP. Our goal is to have an IEP in place before he starts 3rd grade.

Before children I was an Equity Research Assistant in an investment firm....quit my job when Jack was born....no plans to go back anytime soon. I miss the paycheck but that is about it.


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Mon, 01-02-2006 - 10:28am

Hi All,

I'm Beverly (38) mom to 5. My DSS Kadan (10 y/o) is the one that brings me here. He has microcephaly and has been dx'd with ADHD, ODD, PDD-NOS, epilepsy (seizure free for 18 mos) and childhood psychosis. He is currently in an RTC during the week and home on weekends. He has a 1:1 aide 24/7. He was pretty stable for almost a year, but has started slipping in the last couple of months. He will be going back in the hospital in the next coupl of weeks for a med overhaul. Since he was about 7 he has regressed severely, we are working hard to try and bring back some of his skills and functioning but it seems that in order to learn something new we have to lose something old. Unfortunately, we can't pick the skill that he should lose so we keep ending up in a worse spot than we were before we started.

I have 3 kids who are not diagnosed with anything, although I think to call any teenager NT is an oxymoron, Mike is almost 20, has moved out on his own and is on his way to becoming a chef. Natasha is 16 and in grade 11, last week I would have had loads of wonderful things to say about her, but since New Years Eve she has been grounded - enough said. Quentan is 2 and so far so good, he is my sunshine on the really bad days.

My middle child Rodney 14 has been dx'd with Bi-polar disorder, Conduct Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome. Severe Anxiety disorder and an emerginf psychotic disorder. He is currently in a locked down secure psychiatric hospital. We get to see him every couple of weeks - as long as he isn't on close observation. He has been extremely aggressive and suicidal for a couple of years now and it doesn't show any signs of letting up soon.

There is also my wonderful dh (34), who does his best to try and keep me relaxed and sane - not an easy task by any means.

Happy New Years

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Mon, 01-02-2006 - 9:46pm

Happy New year and welcome all newbies!

I am Paula, 38, Irish-from-Ireland, but now a Long Gislander, along with DH Jim, 40, Scottish-from-Scotland and our two fabulous "wains": Peter and Siobhan.

Peter is 7.5, and a very outgoing and extroverted HFA. He is is a Special Day class (2nd) with a wonderful teacher and 5 other quirky kids, anddoign great. He gets speech therapy, OT and PT in school.

Siobhan is 5 and wants to be a rock star, except she's totally shy! She is "at risk for Asperger's" and mainstreamed in a regular class with an aide, speech therapy and special Ed push in 45 minutes each day. She is doing fabulously in school.

I was just DXed with ADD, so I am trying meds on myself (it's a very interesting experiment).

So 2006: I guess I have one big goal:

Get back on track financially. My employment has been rather spotty in the past few years (...em see above!), so I am hoping to keep this new job, make a go of a huge project we have planned at work for '06, and resume my career almost as it was Pre Autism. I know motherhood should do it for me in the 'total fulfillment' department, but it hasn't. So I plan to channel that energy, pay off debts, and set up college funds and that good stuff instead.

oh yes, and it would be nice to have one of my books published, but that's more of a dream than a goal...


and and


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Mon, 01-02-2006 - 11:06pm

I am Tina(34) married to Bob(40) for 7 yrs and we ahve Bobby (3.5, AS) and Lizzie (1.5, NT so far) and live in Pa.


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Tue, 01-03-2006 - 2:36pm
Hi all,
I'm Teresa(33) and am married to Jason(30).We have Jake who is 2.5yrs old and Ella who is 18 months. Jake was diagnosed in June of last year with PDD-NOS. It was not a big shock because I had felt for a long time that something wasn't right with his development but even still it didn't lesson the shock of actually having someone finally agree with me.Jake is doing really well and he amazes me all the time with things other parents just take for granted.He's a very affectionate little boy who never gives up trying. His latest feat was to finally learn how to jump. The first time he did it I almost cryed. Crazy, I know!
Ella is 18 months old and has been in E.I since she was about 6 weeks old for what we thought then was torticollis. To be honest I still don't know what's going on with her and I guess I won't know for sure until I have her evaluated in the next couple of months.Right now she would be considered to have SID but if I had to bet I would say she's on the spectrum somewhere too, maybe AS???She is a beautiful little girl who loves music and most definetely has a mind of her own, which right now is a little difficult to deal with but I'm sure in the future it will be one of thing I love the most about her.