*~* Happy New Year *~*~ ROLL CALL!

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*~* Happy New Year *~*~ ROLL CALL!
Sun, 01-01-2006 - 8:14am


I'm Cathy (37). My DS, Jack, who is 4.5 and has PDD-NOS brings me here. He's my middle, I also have two NT DDs (ages 7.5 and almost 2).

We've been on this journey a couple of years. He was typically developing until about age 2 and then some sensory stuff developed and his languaged quit bursting. It took us a while to put it together.

He gets about 25 hours of ABA at school and at home, plus OT and speech at both places.

He is very easy-going child, I like to say he's as sweet as the day is long. But still, it's difficult. Another thing I say is that "Even the best days are very hard." This has been compounded by having a toddler in the house!

My wish for the year is that we see some improvements in his language as we've been seeing in his decreased sensory behaviors.

*~* Happy New Year *~* everyone!



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Sat, 02-25-2006 - 11:46pm

Hi I'm late but hope you'll include me too.

I'm Paula G. Married 16 years to DH and living in Northern California (Bay Area). We have a 13 yo Sarah (neurotypical), a 10 yo Joel (Aspergers), and a wonderful rescued dog named Jake.

Joel's issues are discrete and his IQ and vocabulary are high, so he kept us guessing for several years. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, SID, OCD and a host of other not-so-accurate diagnoses. We have felt for about 2 years that he is Aspergers. We are cuurently going though an IEE (paid for by our school system) because they wanted to call him normal and exit him from services. The neuropsych has told us she will be giving him the Aspergers diagnosis. We were in a private school for 3 years (with no services) and we moved him to public school beginning of 3rd grade. He's in 4th grade now, in a mainsteam class getting pragmatic language (speech), OT and counseling. His social skills are very poor and his conversations are one-sided , but he is learning to do better. I love Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking program and use her techniques in our home.

I have speech and language degree, but 16 years ago we learned very little about Autism, and NOTHING about Aspergers. When I'm not being an advocate mommy in my kids school, I'm active in our church and I run a Creative Memories business out of my home.

Paula G. and Joel

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Wed, 03-01-2006 - 4:58pm

Hi Paula......I use to be a CM consultant.....quit a little over a year ago.....got too busy with son's issues. I still scrap but am quite behind.....for example.....youngest is almost 20 months old and the last completed page in his album is entitled First Bath.....yeah....just a little behind...LOL!


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Wed, 03-08-2006 - 11:38am

Real late on the roll call, but started not too long ago and just saw this.

Debbie (44) DH - Barry (49) on DD - Stephanie (7 1/2). Right now, no official dx. She will see a pyschiatrist on the 14th (next Tues.)

She does have epilepsy and sees a neurologist and saw a pyschologist. She is BELIEVED to have Asperger's, OCD, some SID and ADD. We'll see what Psych says first.

She is homeschooled and in second grade and does fairly well in learning. She is intelligent, but does have trouble with socialization. She talks much better with adults and is silly with a great sense of humor; however, she does have anxiety issues. She is an insistent child who hates to take no for an answer. She likes kids, but doesn't ask to go to play with kids that much. She does do okay with them. When younger, she preferred her own company, now she likes to follow other kids around. She is a great helper.

We get out a few times a week for socialization. Her fine motor skills are sluggish. Her handwriting isn't that great, she can't tie shoes yet and she has trouble cutting. She is always in a rush to get anything done and can't sit still very long (thus, we think she has ADD, but we'll see). However, she can sit still to do lessons, but she rushes through them. She is obssessed with colors and having toys or something with her wherever she goes (not just one thing, but many, many things).

Debbie, Mom to my "only" Stephanie