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Hello, everyone. This is my first time here. My name is Susie. I am from PA. I'm a Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) for children with autism. I am a 26 year old single mother of one adorable little girl. Lily turned 3 in June. She was formally diagnosed with Asperger's today. Although I saw it coming, as I've worked with children with Autism for 5 1/2 years, it's still not easy to accept. I wanted to believe our family doctor when he told me that she was "just a difficult child," or that "all kids have their quirks." But anyway...let me tell you about Lily. She has incredible verbal skills, to the point that we can sit and have a conversation just like I'm talking to a very small adult (a very small adult who corrects my grammar!!LOL). But her idea of playing with other kids is to steal their toys and put them where she thinks they belong. The other day at the pool Lily was in hysterics because she couldn't put the toys away as fast as the other kids were getting them out. She loves Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder. She had a Bob the Builder birthday party in June. She could talk to you for hours about trains and construction vehicles. She loves Matchbox Cars and has gone from lining them up randomly to lining them up according to size and color. She is an amazing artist. She could sit with her Magna Doodle all day and draw picture after picture, as I stand behind her with my camera and try to capture her artwork on film as she never comes to show me her masterpieces. She draws complex landscape pictures with houses, trees, clouds, the sun, birds. She pays amazing attention to detail and even noticed when they repainted the shutters on the windows of the bank by our house. LOL. She is very set in her routine and is highly disturbed when it is messed with. She has some stimmy behavior: toe walking and hand flapping when over stimulated, and alot of vocal stim...constant humming and repetitive phrases ("Subway, eat fresh").
So, even though I have been working with children with autism spectrum disorders for awhile, I am incredibly new at being a Mom to one. Any help/support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and I look forward to talking to you all.
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Hi Susie, welcome to the board!


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Welcome to the best board on the net. The ladies here are wonderful and so knowledgeable. Pull up your favorite chair, take some cyber refreshments and join in!


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Welcome to the board!


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Welcome Susie
I'm still new to this board too, but have found it to be an awesome help. I'm in a similar place as you, only without the formal diagnosis yet. I'm a 27 year old single mom and social worker. I recently had an Aspie on my case load. He wasn't what I expected from Asperger's, so I did some research and started crying. It all fit my Emma (5). The vocabulary and grammer sounds a lot like my Emma. She's also gone to correcting my table manners as well as those of people sitting near us in a resturante. We also have the Subway commercial on a loop in our house, though she will also supplement it with "Ba da bup ba ba, McDonald's, I'm lovin' it."
So, welcome to the board, I know you'll find lots of support here. I look forward to learning more about you.