Hi. Been lurking for a few days...

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Hi. Been lurking for a few days...
Thu, 02-28-2008 - 11:38am

I'm Debbi, 42 yr old wife and mom.

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Fri, 02-29-2008 - 2:57pm



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welcome to the board. I am glad you found us.

OMG! I so want to slap that teacher silly! How stupid and inflexible is she that she would treat an overwhelmed kindergartener like that? UGH!

I think you are right to pursue a diagnosis. it sounds like you could really use it with your school. A teacher cannot pull a stunt like that if a kid is officially classed (by the school) as "disabled" because what she did was to punish him for his disability, which is just plain wrong.

Please feel free to pull up a chair and make yourself at home here.


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