Hi, I'm new here, with a question

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Hi, I'm new here, with a question
Wed, 06-07-2006 - 2:08pm
Hi everyone! My name is Connie, I'm a SAHM who works part-time. I have 2 ds', Jack (4.5)& Patrick (15 mo). Jack has been diagnosed as high risk for ADHD & ODD by a developmental pediatrician. I have also had him seen by a pediatric nuerologist who suggested possible PDD. The developmental ped ruled out Aspergers, though he does show some signs of it. My question is, who diagnoses PDD and how? I am planning on following up w/ both doctor's but I'm a bit confused. Thanks!
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Thu, 07-20-2006 - 9:13pm


We had our ds dx'ed my a child phycitrist at our local children's hospital and our peditrican was on board with all the nitty gritty.
We got the PDD label there. WE got services started and due to insurance reasons, we have to have evals done every 12 weeks to continue care.
PDD is the vague label. I think ds is aspie. We are working hard with social skills.Great some days and days like today he could ignore every kid at the pool.
It's a rollercoaster of emotions for me since I stay home and do all the therapy sessions with my ds.
I do forget some days my kid got issues and some days I can't stop asking God why me.

Hope this helped

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Tue, 06-13-2006 - 9:36pm
PDD is the "label" when the child has a little of this/that and can't pinpoint just one dx. My son has PDD next eval is in Sept. I am betting on AS or High Functioning Autism.
PDD is vague. He's preschool IEP people say the DX is to broad and to write your service plan it's harder without an in home eval. Usually a phyc. will dx your child with PDD.
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Sun, 06-11-2006 - 12:48am

PDD-NOS is just basically when you have significant autism traits but don't meet the full criteria for another autism spectrum disorder.

So it can range from the very mild high functioning child who has some autistic quirks that are interfering in life who are milder than AS kids(My Dave was diagnosed like this initially but seems to be losing the diagnosis. He still has some quirks but it is not interfering enough to justify a PDD diagnosis) to a child who is significantly mentally delayed with autism like symtpoms but not full criteria for autism.

Cait was diagnosed PDD-NOS little because of a language delay. Now she would have likely gotten a autism or autism spectrum label but this was years ago. Then when her language caught up by around 5-6 but her social skills and behaviors were still autistic she was "upgraded" to Aspergers.

Personally I hate the PDD-NOS label because it really is too broad and tells the poor parents nearly nothing.

Oh, and welcome.


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Fri, 06-09-2006 - 9:03pm


You can be really verbal with PDD. I was asking our dev ped if DS's language came in full force would he "be promoted" to Aspergers and she told me that he'd have to have an obsessive interest. So he could just be PDD with good language.

Here's a site with lots of info:



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Thu, 06-08-2006 - 4:06pm
Thanks for the input ladies, it's much appreciated. I think I am going to follow up w/ both doctor's we've already seen and I also have a reccomendation for a doctor who speicializes in PDD (not sure what kind though, I will research further). I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, can you direct me to any books or websites that can help me learn more about PDD or Asperger's? From what I've read so far, it seems ds is way too verbal to be PDD but msybe I'm missing something? And Asperger's was ruled out by the developmental ped although he does show some characteristics. Thanks again!
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Thu, 06-08-2006 - 11:16am

We also at last got our spectrum dx and most thorough, helpful eval from a neuropsychiatrist who is one of the best in bix locally at dx'ing and private evals for schools recommendations, placements, etc. She also did not come cheap, and our insurance covers nothing. We were lucky not to have a very long wait, though.

Every eval we have ever had, whether by therapist or experienced diagnostician, has always given us useful information on our son's specific strenghts and weaknesses. And we also know that the dx itself is only as good as the appropriate services it brings or the understanding to others who need to know that it provides. As our son's dx (PDD-NOS) is very specific to exactly what goes on with him, it is VERY useful. But the real help we have received has come more from the actual scores on the myriads of tests (strengths and weaknesses) and the observations and feedback we have gotten from evaluators, therapists, teachers and from our own observations.

But your confusion on this subject is easy to understand, as everyone has different stories on how they learned about their children, and from different people. My most useful information on where and who to see has ALWAYS come from parents of older children in my area, asking people with similar kids about what they did has brought about the most useful information.

Good luck,


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Thu, 06-08-2006 - 10:40am

Just my two pennies based on my experiences........

My 8 yr old son, Vaughn, was seeing a behavior therapist for escalating behaviors at school. She told us to contact his regular pediatrician and get a referral to someone to rule out PDD/Aspergers. Our pediatrician gave me the following recommendations AS A DOCTOR: we could get the evaluation by a child psychiatrist, developmental pediatrician, pediatric neurologist, or a neuropsychologist. Then she told me her opinion AS A MOM to a child on the spectrum: she would NOT go to a psychiatrist and there were no developmental peds in our area. She gave me the names and numbers to a ped neuro and a neuropsychologist. She did warn me that the neuropsychologist would probably not be covered by insurance and was expensive and we would have over a years wait to get in. Needless to say - we decided to go with the ped neurologist. Actually, we are STILL on the waitlist for the neuropsychologist - our ped said we could get some invaluable info from her (at least in her experiences with her own son).

Good luck....let us know what happens....


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Wed, 06-07-2006 - 10:31pm

Hi Connie,


Wouldn't it be great to have somethign definitive, like a blood test, where they could definitely say what the DX was?


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