HI ! Introduction *long*

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HI ! Introduction *long*
Wed, 02-11-2004 - 3:43pm

I have been lurking here for a few weeks. I was at the sister site checking in with the adhd board and the autism board.

This one seems a much better fit for me.

I am married to *very* handsome, outgoing (oblivious to what people may think) , crazy, (lack of judgment) smart and funny man who interestingly enough we now both believe is pdd (some how). His demeanor is bigger then he is (and he’s 6’2!) and most often makes inappropriate remarks and jokes that believe it or not, most people love him for! Also has been dx sever case of adhd. Very loud, hyper and has to be conscious to be sensitive to my feelings. He has told me that he has to make an effort to make eye contact. Because of his exaggerated manner of story telling and his none or forced eye contact your never sure if he telling the truth. But the stories are so amazing and entreating that you don’t care. Think of the main character of office space with the animation of Jim Carry. TaDA! My husband. Not a typical picture of aspies I guess but believe me, we both know it’s some sort of PDD. It has all worked out beautifully for him. But not always. He had no friends in elementary school and finally learned how to make and keep friends (still has them) by Jr. High.

My ds now 3, learned to walk and then ran a 9mo.Was off the wall hyper at 18 mo.

He can barely talk. At almost 3 he was at 18 mo level for receptive and expressive language. Would run off in hospitals, play grounds, schools ect, eyes wide and panting! He just goes nuts and gets over stimulated. He has great interest in playing with others, socializing and all of that but I’m sure doesn’t get the right ways to do it.

He is under the care of a developmental Ped. She has not yet dx PDD-NOS.(but she not ruling it out either) He is a small version of DH who also didn’t talk until 3. She did dx him sever adhd and put him on Ritalin in the A.M. for school. He goes to PPCD and has learned a TON!. He is talking so much more loves school. He gets speech and ot a few days a week.

(His sensory issues are sort of combo I think, mostly hypo but a touch hyper to sound)

Man, he is a handful! Get’s mad, and tantrums and runs and well….you know.

Bless his heart.

I also have a DD. 7. She has been dx mild adhd and anxiety disorder. We held her back a yr in Kinder. She was immature and we were busy trying to figure her out last year. We found she had adhd, needed glasses has anxiety issues. So we needed a do-over!

Here we are in k again, She is doing much better!!! The more I learn about Dh and Ds I start think OH MY GOD!!! Her too? Her way of making friends is to be a dog or cat. She has learned to imitate them perfectly and had been doing this since she was 2. She never plays Mommy or pretends to go shopping, she is ALWAYS a dog! All day, all night.

Her knees and knuckles (from making paws) are scuffed and calloused. The toes of her shoes are all ruined. The teacher and I spoke last night because I was concerned about her making friends. She recently won a Jr.Miss Pageant. (No high glam or anything) She put away the dog and pretended to be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and WON! I was hoping for a good out come like that to boost her self esteem, which is pretty low. Anyway, she did not tell any one at school. She said they would not believe her and they aren’t very nice to her. So, the teacher and I spoke. She said that honestly that dd is so sweet and so good and so pretty but she doesn’t play they way the others girls do and they thinks she’s kinda weird. (Duh!) The teacher insisted she bring her crown and banner and trophy to school this morning and made a BIG deal of her including having her walk down the hall to the principal to show her off. NICE HU?!?! More things about dd, her food choices are very limited she only wears dresses and will have a nervous break down if she finds out you gave away an old toy or dress or tattered lamp, even a switch plate in her room. She can’t handle change and has little break downs quite often. Not fits, real mini melt downs.

I’d like to tell you more about me but right now my whole life is dealing with these (smile) crazy people. My house is nuts! It’s chaos! I love them and have issues of my own, I am not judging but MAN! Please tell me that some one out there relates!! PLEASE!

Nice to meet you!

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Wed, 02-11-2004 - 4:02pm

Hello and welcome.

I relate to a lot of it. The nonverbal, running off in public kid with sensory issues: That's my Peter. He is 5½ now and doing a lot better with most things, but he is still a nut!. We know he has a PDD, but not exactly which *one*.

I can't stay long because I have to take him to the Dr, but welcome to the board. I hope the gang find your post down here. We tend to stick to the top of the board (and we think only our children are Aspies?)

Please help yourself to coffee cookies and hospitality.



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Wed, 02-11-2004 - 6:52pm
Ditto the welcome part from me! I think you will find a lot of camaraderie here, and I can't wait to get to know such an interesting clan!!! My house is quite "nuts", too. Yet I wouldn't want it any other way.


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Wed, 02-11-2004 - 7:32pm

Hi, and welcome to the board! :)

Actually your hubby sounds a lot like mine in many ways. Mine was dx'd with Asperger's and does have the withdrawl, but

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Wed, 02-11-2004 - 9:50pm
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

I'm with Candes, can we PLEASE bottle some of that energy? I'm having a hard time getting out of bed these days, so I'd be willing to pay for it!


(who's glad she's still got some of DH's cake to share with the newbies)

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