Hi, my name is Elaine/Lainie

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Hi, my name is Elaine/Lainie
Fri, 12-08-2006 - 11:58pm

I have posted a few times, and thought its time I introduce myself LOL. My name is Elaine, but quite a few people in life call me Lainie.

For the last three years I have been fighting the school system, seeing problems with Dysgraphia (A form of Dyslexia, but with writing instead of reading). They did an IEP in 2nd grade (he is in 5th now) and the only thing he got out of it was speech therapy.

Until recently thats all I thought it was, a problem with communicating with a pencil and paper, until he said something very shocking this year in school and got suspended for it. What he said was shocking, because it didn't match his behavior. At least with his behavior in the outside world....

Let me explain... Chris, well he is different with us, than everyone else. With everyone else he is polite, respectful, doesn't argue with adults, and isn't defiant.

With us, well..... its different. He resists change, and trantrums always turn violent with him... I used to put him in that hold with my arms around him, and my legs around him to calm him and he would head butt....

When he said what he said, my mind raced of course. I thought, what an odd thing for him to say, but then again, coming from Chris, its really not odd at all.

With us he has always had problems communicating things to us, sometimes shutting down and not talking at all. Well this year he also did this to the school and thats where they said I was too soft for not making him "Speak" and also with not making him do his work in school and homework. HOmework has been IMPOSSIBLE, with him doing lunges and darting back and forth, making grunting sounds (which he has always done at home) when I sit down to do this work.

The teacher this year I have to say has been awful. (Don't I wish I had the teacher from last year, that didn't need a diagnosis to help him with his work and writing!) Not only has she told me that he is lazy and I'm too soft on him, but she told HIM that he is lazy.... my son has brought that up twice, that she says he is lazy. His self esteem has gone down.

Anyway I went To a NP (I went in 3rd grade, but when we got to the testing part, my insurance denied the expensive testing, we had no money so we let it go). But, then I got the GREAT teacher in 4th grade. Things weren't perfect, but he really liked her, for once wanted to go to school (not many stomache aches, ect.... please I'm too sick to go to school...) and his self esteem was really high. I think its cuz she understood him... and of course worked one on one with him.

Anyway with all of the things that have happened this year so far I decided he needed a diagnosis for sure, and when things started happening that were odd, I started searching other things that ended up making total sense!!!! I was shocked, and still am when I research and read all of your posts. I wanna scream YES THATS MY SON!

I told everything to the NP and he agreed that he has some very strong signs so we will test him for things on the Autism Spectrum.

That testing started today. I slapped 1600 down for a down payment and I'm so happy I did this :) My son is so worth it!

My son and I drove the hour away for this Doc's office and of course he talked constantly of his pokemon game in gameboy thru-out the whole ride lol.

When we met him to go in the appt the doc was talking to him about the Gameboy and of course Chris went into his obsessive talk about his game.

I talked to the doc later alone and he said he saw some things he wants to look into with him, so finally I feel my son is getting addressed!!!

For once I feel someone is doing something and helping him :). His teacher was perfect last year with her help, but of course she can't diagnose and get him set up with a new IEP or a 504 plan (something the principle denied me with this year.... even though I thought he was supposed to get a review every year or something like that...)

Anyway, thank you for having this group. I feel support all around, and I plan to stick around for a bit.


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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 12:01am

Official Welcome Lainie!

Glad the eval beginning went well today and glad you are here.


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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 12:11am
{{{Renee}}} Thank you :). I finally feel like he (and our family) are on a road to recovery of sorts.
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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 6:36pm

Welcome to the board Lainie.

Oh, you just brought back a great memory for me, when I first started doing research on ASD's and then found this board.

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Sat, 12-09-2006 - 6:51pm

Welcome to the board. I'm glad the eval is started. I hope it gets him the help in school he needs.

BTW, my ds is 11yrs old. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum (most likely Asperger's) and dysgraphia.