Hi! New to board!

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Hi! New to board!
Wed, 12-13-2006 - 12:49pm

Hi everyone,

I have a beautiful little girl who is 4 and was diagnosed pdd/nos 1 year ago. It has been a wild ride ever since! She is making great progress! We live in an area that has a lot of sevices available so we are extremely lucky and grateful.

Like all of you we have had our ups and downs over the past year, but the bottom line is she has come so far so we know that all the hard work is paying off. I don't know any parent in my area with another child on the spectrum and there are not many girls diagnosed either, so sometimes I get lonely not having another mom to talk with who understands. There are support groups available but I just don't have time to attend. Anyway I look forward to participating on the board and hopefully learning and growing with other parents in the same situation as mine.



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Wed, 12-13-2006 - 2:02pm

Welcome Kelly!

I am mom to 5 kids, one officially one the spectrum, he's 10. We've been through a lot in the years since his dx but he's become such a neat kid! The ladies here are wonderful support and lots of fun!


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Wed, 12-13-2006 - 10:17pm


We have some moms with Spectrum daughters here on the board, so please don't feel shy or left out. I am probably one of those moms.

My name is


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Thu, 12-14-2006 - 8:43am

Hi Kelly. Welcome to the board. I have an 11yr old son, Kyle, with AS & dysgraphia. I aslo have a 8yr old daughter. She was diagnosed with Selective Mutism when she was 3yrs old. I talk about here on here often too because even though she isn't technically on the spectrum she has a lot of the same issues.


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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 12:12am

Welcome to the board, Kelly.

I used this group as my main source of support until a group started up in my area that fit my schedule.

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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 10:37pm

HELLO THERE!!!!! From a fellow mom of a female ASD type kiddo. YES we are the rare ones. An enigma. An oddity, but they are very cool.

Mine is now 12yo but she was diagnosed delayed at 3 and PDD-NOS at 4. Her current official DX is Aspergers and epilepsy but she had a language delay. I go with ASD. I have a 10yo boy too but it is rare to find the girls.

Cait is the only girl in the Aspergers program in her middle school. It is a full inclusion special day class program with aide support. Some other Asperger kids don't need that level of support and are in the resource specialist program. I think there might be a girl or 2 in there but we have rarely met other girls. But that naturally means she is the love interest of every Aspie boy in the program. Not a bad thing as they are honest and innocent. ROFL.

Welcome to our humble abode.


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Tue, 01-23-2007 - 6:40pm
Hi Kelly! I am new to all of this too! My son was dx in Dec of 2006, Glad to see you on here