Hi new here with ??????

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Hi new here with ??????
Tue, 03-23-2004 - 12:51pm
Hi my name is Tina and I have a 2 year old boy( Matthew) who is in the middle of being dignosed with PDD. I can honestly say that my emotions are all over the board from ok I can do this to I can't, why me and he doesn't have that....We are still waiting to find out but I think he has some of the signs....no eye contact..no speech(11 words) we are in speech therapy and early intervention comes in once a week. He loves to play with kids and has many strong relationships so I don't think that it that bad but it is still there hopefully with treatment thinks will change....Question does anyone have any methods to get there child to look at them...I think that is half the battle with his speech? Let me know!!!


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Wed, 03-24-2004 - 3:00pm

I'm with Amy on the eye contact thing. I just ask Liam to "check in" with peoples faces when he is conversing. He seems to be doing it, so I'm happy with that one for now.

My DH told me a joke about it, when I was pointing out to him that the guy selling us a mattress for our bed had a hard time with eye contact and it wasn't holding him back too much! Here it is:

What is the difference between an extroverted engineer and an introverted engineer?

Drum roll...

The extrovert will look at your shoes whereas the introvert will only look at his own shoes.

Oh, by the way, DH is an engineer (nuclear), and he heard this at work. (I call where he works "the Aspie Promised Land").

Anyway, welcome!


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Tue, 03-23-2004 - 4:10pm
Welcome Tina! Glad you found us!

I have three children, two of which are on the spectrum...and yes, getting a Dx is difficult emotionally, but with women like the ones you'll find on this board for support, you will get through it. I promise. Besides, we're mommies...we don't have a lot of choice in the matter, do we?

In terms of eye contact, wow...do I ever struggle with this battle. My oldest is almost 7 and eye contact is virtually impossible for him. He says that peoples eyes "spin" when he looks at them. For the first several years, I tried to force the issue...now I don't. He would try so hard, and when he couldn't do it, he'd have a meltdown...followed by a round of low self esteem.

So now...when he can't look at me, and he's not listening to what I'm saying, I clap my hands once to get his attention. While this doesn't help him gain/keep eye contact, it does get him to pay attention to what I'm saying.

Here's hoping you find this board as wonderful as I do. Hang in there, while I won't say that it gets any easier (because I haven't gotten to that point yet), I will say that things get less "foggy" eventually. ;-)

Again, welcome to the board!


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Tue, 03-23-2004 - 2:05pm

Hello Tina,

Welcome to the board. I know how difficult it is to try to come to terms with all of this. I still go though some of those questions and self-doubt also, but most of the time I am fine now.


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