Homework battles begin

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Homework battles begin
Tue, 08-30-2011 - 10:59am
I'm wondering how others handle the homework battles. Our 10-year-old son is in 4th grade. He hasn't been bringing it home every day thankfully, but when he does he just refuses to do it. He always wants to do it "later." My husband doesn't think it should be "my problem," however I feel like I need to at least make sure he is doing it. What is the line between getting him to take ownership--deciding if/when he will do it--and helping him along. Also, how do you know when he's being expected to do too much. I know that academically the teachers always think he can do the work, so they are hesitant to give him less. We haven't met with this years teacher yet either, but I'm afraid she's a bit more opposed to anything but the traditional ways of doing things. She is very creative and does a lot of art-type things, so he will enjoy that--art projects, plays, etc. He's also supposed to be able to use the computer for many of his assignments that involve a lot of writing, but yesterday he said the teacher said no computers for the grammar portion. I'm pretty sure he will either have to redo it or get most of it wrong because he didn't write sentences. And when I tried to correct him he just got upset, so I decided this time he'd have to let the consequence of extra redo work or a bad grade help him learn. Although I'm not sure he is even upset with a "bad grade" so not sure if that will help or not. I guess I need to email the teacher. Thanks for letting me "vent" and for any ideas you might have. Lisa