I am new here

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I am new here
Wed, 07-11-2007 - 5:28pm


My name is Lara and my 4 year old daughter Anastasia most likely has Asperger's Sydrome. We had her speech assessed so that she could get some help from a speech therapist and that was the initial diagnosis from the lady who did the test. So, we will be doing a full developmental testing on her at some point after she starts school here in september. How did you all accept the news that your child were autistic? I am still in the denial stage and can't seem to get out of it probably because she is my baby. I am going to stop before I chatter on much more and bore you all to death. I look forward to getting to know you all better and learning a lot more about Asperger's Sydrome.


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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 10:32pm

hey Lara, welcome to the board.

This group of ladies is very full of fun and information, you have certainly come to the right place.

The first time I head the words Asperger Syndrome, I read about it until it said Autism and then I shut down and stopped reading.

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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 2:56pm

Hi Lara! Welcome to the group! When we finally got an official dx, it was more of a relief I guess. Not that I was happy about it, but I was glad to finally have someone tell me that I wasn't crazy, that there really was something "different" about my youngest dd, Lily. Since that time, I feel accepting of the situation on most days. But there are times when I feel overwhelmed and I want to shout that it's not fair. Then I'm reminded of all the other children and parents in the world who face terminal illnesses and I feel blessed that I have Lily with me, even if things aren't exactly how I pictured they would be. Everyone feels differently when they get the dx. Feel free to vent all you want here. No one is judgmental and you will find many parents here who understand what you're going through.

Amy~mom to Natalie (10 yrs.) and Lily (4.5 yrs, pdd-nos, sensenbrenner syndrome)

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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 1:27pm

Hi Lara!


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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 7:55am
Welcoem to the board Lara!


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