I have a question, my dd8 rocks and

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I have a question, my dd8 rocks and
Fri, 04-06-2007 - 10:52am

twittles her fingers. She has always twittled her fingers (rolling her wrists while wiggling her fingers). The twittling I believe she got from me and my side of the family, but we usually did it while playing with a toy or looking at something exciting. She'll rock and twittle while "daydreaming" (in public no less) with no toys or while looking at anything in particular. She "appears" autisticlike when she does this. What do you think? She is a good learner and the most social of my four offspring. I believe dh is an Aspie and his sister admits she is, so it is in the family tree.

I realize you're not psychiatrists, but you live with it everyday and most of you have probably seen professionals that have guided you. When I mentioned Aspergers to a psych some years ago he asked me what it was LOL.

I know what it is like to raise a nonNT child, my ds21 is ADHD/LD. I've had my challenges, embarrasments, and frustrations dealing with that, but he's grown now and succeeding at his goals :o) Now I worry about dd8 doing this in public and dealing with the looks/questions I expect we'll start getting.

P.S. We homeschool, so I don't need to worry about what goes on out of my sight under judgemental eyes.

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Fri, 04-06-2007 - 12:16pm

Hello and welsome,

Your daughter's little "habit"


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Sat, 04-07-2007 - 1:12am

The rocking & twittling seem to be the most obvious, but you know that saying about being too close to a situation to see the whole picture? I worry about that because apparently I missed the whole show with dd24. I was so focused on ds21 and his major adhd/ld issues that to the rest of us dd24 seemed "normal." When I was in college Autism was defined, but HFA and Aspergers were lost in the crowd because they could function to some degree among the mainstream. You're right about the empathy and sticky thinking (I like that expression, sticky, it fits well), but I don't see those issues with dd8. Hindsight dd24 had empathy issues, but her ocd/anxiety didn't pick up to noticable levels til she was much older. Dd24 developed an odd talent in grade school that I know see as suspect; she began to speak backwards. We could record her and play it back in reverse and it was clear english with a slight accent.

I have asked dd8 what she is thinking during those modes and she claims she is daydreaming, but she does it often even when there is another activity going on she'll check out to "daydream"

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Sun, 04-08-2007 - 12:41am
I would have to agree, if you don't see anyother signs, it could simply be a quirk she will or will not outgrow.

- Christina mom to-

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Sun, 04-08-2007 - 1:04am

I agree on this as well and Christina, are you my neighbor, lol. I have 2 "very aspie" (well one HFA) kids and 2 NTs who have significant aspie like traits but definitely are not Aspie.

For instance, my MOST NT child was my biggest flapper and flapped for years. But she is the most connected, able to make and keep friends, and just "gets" it, kwim? She has sensory issues, is a bit flighty, some vision/mild LD type issues but definitely not spectrum.