Interesting waiting room experience

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Interesting waiting room experience
Fri, 05-13-2005 - 11:22am

I just wanted to share something nice that happened to me this week while I was waiting for DS to finish speech therapy. The place where we go is small, a satellite office of a bigger center, just the therapy room (with 2 way window) and waiting room.

For a long time I went into the therapy room and sort of participated or at least observed and learned. But as DS got older, now it seems to work better if I sit in the waiting room. Two new families have started coming with appointments right after Eric.

One little boy and his mom ride the bus to get here. Although his appointment is not until 3:30, they are usually there at 2:00 when I am, I guess because of the bus schedule. The little guy appears to me to be moderately autistic with something else going on too, maybe OCD. The poor mom always seems harried, never brings toys or snacks and the waiting room has no toys either. Poor little dude goes nuts and stims his little heart out. He's maybe 5. It's a long time for him to wait after probably a long bus ride.

The other family consists of Grandma, who seems to be the primary care giver of an adorable little 5-6 yr. old girl with big brown eyes and long pigtails. This little girl seems to have apraxia, maybe, (I'm not a ST )and she's a sweetheart. In addition to grandma, big sis comes, I think as the driver. Sis spends her time on the cell phone as all teenagers do. Grandma always looks mortified to be there.

Well, I travel with my trusty bag of tricks always with snacks, drinks, books ready at hand. The little girl saw a "Busytown" book in my bag and pointed that she wanted to read it. I said sure, asked Grandma if it was ok for her to have the trailmix snack I brought for DS. She said ok. Little girl snuggles right in to storytime, it just warmed my heart.

The little dude momentarily stopped bouncing around and came over. I asked his mom if snacks ok. Mom was just glad to have a moment to herself. Little dude was interested in looking at the pictures and although he couldn't sit still, was pointing and making sounds (he doesn't seem able to speak words yet). And he was smiling! Little girl started making up stories about the pictures and I just fell into "Floortime" mode.

It was fun! When Eric came out of ST to show me his hard earned sticker, little girl pulls out a jelly bean that she had hidden somewhere and gave it to Eric. Eric burst into this big smile. He even said thank you, really rare for him! You would have thought she had given him a million bucks. I told him he could eat it but he just wanted to hold it. He held it in his hand in the car, still smiling and he fell asleep in the car clutching it. I saved it and when he woke up he took it and put in a sacred spot on a shelf in his room. It's still there!

I don't know why I was so touched, I guess because it was nice to have a child respond to me so warmly without having to work so hard, and also that I felt how nice it was to be able to have a good time with kids like ours and not feel self-counscious like I usually do. I also guess I felt like I have really learned something from all this therapy and was at least able to make a couple of little people happy for a few minutes. Also, it just showed to me that all these kids really do reach out, even if we can't understand exactly what they are saying, or if they don't even have words, the have such genuine communication in other ways. It also made realize how great my own little guy is and that I need to just slow down sometimes and let the moments unfold. It helped me see him in another light, I think.

Eric has ST again today. Don't know if these folks will all be there, but if so I need to find out everyone's names. Not sure if this post is making any sense, but it was a nice moment for me and I wanted to share.


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Sat, 05-14-2005 - 9:44pm

how sweet! it's kind of a pay it forward kind of thing, your heart was warmed and someday that young mom and those kids will remember the kindness of a stranger and pay it forward! We learn so much from our kids!


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Fri, 05-13-2005 - 1:38pm


You are brilliant! I'll ask the mom today if that works for her because I am flexible. What a great idea!


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Fri, 05-13-2005 - 12:39pm

Hi Katherine,

That's a lovely story! Thanks for posting. It made me feel good too.

One idea, and it may be an impossibility: Would you be willing to switch appt. times with the little guy who comes on the bus and has to wait so very long?

Take care,