Introductions and other things

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Introductions and other things
Tue, 05-13-2003 - 2:26pm
I suggested that they added some more folders on our

board so we can have more things to talk about and not feel

stuck to just the topic of PDD or Aspergers.

Lets use this folder to post our introductions and stories.

It will also help when new people are here to look back and read

a little bit about the person who may be answering their posts.

(I know we have the profiles for that too).

We can also use this folder to post family milestones

and celebratory subjects. (although it is still fine

to post these under general discussions).

I will be posting mine pretty soon. I think I'm going to

work on it on wordpad for a while then copy and paste it.

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Wed, 05-14-2003 - 11:44pm
Hi, I'm MaryAnn. I've been an R.N. for 25 yrs. I've had experience in many areas of nursing but for the last 14 yrs. I've done mostly endoscopy/ gastroent. nursing. I have the luxury of working part-time. I live in San Diego. I have a dh, and 2 dd's. The younger one has ADD & AS. She was recently diagnosed. We knew something was going on since pre-school. Her teacher in 4th gr. was the one that suggested we look @ this. My other dd is 14 and shy but OK. My dh is also shy. I am outgoing! I love a good party & enjoy meeting new people. If I wasn't an R.N. I would teach pre-school & I may go to Com. College in the fall! I love the beach & taking walks. I volunteer @ a homeless shelter as a nurse, on my days off. That's about it. I've recently been posting after lurking for a yr. or so.