AS mom introducing herself

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AS mom introducing herself
Mon, 04-24-2006 - 1:18pm

Hi, I'm Jenifer.


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Fri, 05-05-2006 - 8:11pm

Welcome, Jenifer, wow what a cool ooking group of kids you have!

I am mom to Malcolm (age 8, PDD-NOS) and married for over 10 years to dh Cliff. We only have the one child, but he is a great big handfull and I live in awe of those who manage more than 1, as most days I feel like I am barely surviving.... Malcolm has had almost every possible type of ASD intervention since age 3 (with the exception of chelation), and he is doing terrific.

I hope to hear more about you and all yours!


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Fri, 05-05-2006 - 11:42am

Hi Jennifer, Welcome! I'm Robin and I have a DS who is 11 who was dx with Aspergers at the age of 8! I also live in NC, we moved here 2 months ago because I had heard such great things about the schools and services here for ASD kids. So far the school is great, but i'm having a tough time finding any kind of counseling for Nathan. I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or suggestions too. feel free to e-mail me any time too. my e-mail is good luck and welcome to the board!


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Wed, 04-26-2006 - 4:44pm

Hi Jenifer and Welcome! I'm Christie from Ohio. I have two beautiful boys - Vaughn (almost 8 with AS) and Jack (21 mo NT as far as we know). Welcome to this board. I look forward to learning more about you and your family.


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Tue, 04-25-2006 - 2:24pm

Hi jenifer,

I'm michelle, been married for 18yrs. We have 2 boys, Tyler 9 NT and Nathan 7 HFA. Nathan was dx'd at age 5, and he's in 1st grade now. We also deal with sensory issues, anxieties, and of course, the typical obsessive, repetitive type stuff!!!

I've been on this board since Nate was dx'd, it's a great place to come for advice and to get much needed support! Welcome to the board!


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Tue, 04-25-2006 - 8:50am

Welcome. I'm Samantha. I have a ds with AS who is 11yrs. He was 7 (almost 8) when he was dx. I answered your post above. Not sure I was any help ;) I look forward to getting to know you and your kids more. Have to go deal with dd now who doesn't want to go to school (big surprise, NOT!)


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Tue, 04-25-2006 - 12:56am

Welcome Jennifer.

I have some older Aspies. Cait is 12 in a couple weeks and was diagnosed PDD-NOS at 4 and AS at 7. Mike is 10 and HFA. I have 4 kids total. My other darlings are 8 and 6.

It is a slow process isn't it. Trying to figure everything out and do the right thing.

Welcome again


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Mon, 04-24-2006 - 11:54pm
Hi Jennifer,
Welcome to the board. I'm Teresa and I have 2 kids, Jake is 3 and diagnosed last year with PDD-NOS and my dd Ella will be 2 in June and has no diagnosis but has major sensory issues. I hope you stick around because this board is very helpful and has saved my sanity many times(LOL).
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Mon, 04-24-2006 - 10:05pm

Hi Jenifer and welcome,

I had to look up ABS online. You have a lot on your plate! Welcome to the board. I am Paula, mom to Peter, almost 8 and HFA (High Functining Autistic) and Siobhan, almost 6 and "at risk for AS". Most of the moms on the boqard here have younger kids, but there are a few with kids around Gregory's age or older.

I hope you stick around and let us know you better.



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Mon, 04-24-2006 - 4:01pm
Welcome Jenifer!! I saw you posting above and wondered if you were going to introduce yourself! lol I forget to look down here sometimes.


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