My intro...

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My intro...
Tue, 11-15-2005 - 6:02am
I must say I am GLAD to be here. I have been searching and searching for a resource and so far this board is awesome. It's great to know (though sad) that other parents are dealing with the same challenges as I am.
My name is Shana (28) mother to two gorgeous little boys PJ (3-PDD/NOS, speech delayed, SID, ADHD and the list keeps growing) and JoJo (1) and developing beautifully thus far! Since PJ's birth he had medical issues. I always called him a medical mystery. I was very sick during pregnancy and when he was born he had a problem with his blood sugar. He was the biggest baby (nearly 9 lbs) in the special care nursery! He had reflux really bad and developed pyloric stenosis at 6 weeks requiring surgery. Two mos later he was back in the hospital for a UTI that stemmed from the catheter. He suffered reflux all through the first year, though developed well and was advanced for his age. I realized we had a problem when he started speaking. He would use words like "airplane" and mom and dad then suddenly stopped and started to grunt. I became concerned, but no one else was. He was a very calm and loving child around that age, though very high needs before as a baby.
After coming acrossed resources I decided to have him evaluated at 18 mos cause his speech wasn't developing well. He had always had issues with eating and I had assumed it was the relux. He would constantly fall down, though never hurting himself etc. So that's when I was told he had SID. Well the following month when I got preggo he became VERY aggressive and continuously non compliant. Behaviors just built from there.
As of today he is very aggressive toward his little brother since the baby could sit up on his own. He kicks him, pushes, knocks him down for NO reason whatsoever. PJ is very needy and requires constant supervision. If he isn't bouncing off the walls then he is up to something. He hardly eats, he refuses to potty train, he still doesnt dress/undress himself etc. He has had ST and OT for over a year now. And though I see some improvements in speech none in fine motor etc. He sees a neuro for possibly having Neurofibromatosis and was recently diagnosed with PDD after going to a psych and trying ADD meds that didnt work.
So this is our story so far! New experiences coming almost weekly as I am sure most of you know. Thanks for listening and getting this far!
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Tue, 11-15-2005 - 2:22pm

Hi Shana!

My Nathan was a big baby too! 11 lbs 3 oz. YES!!! I'm not kidding. And yes, I had a c-section! I was pretty miserable during that pregnancy too, more nausea and just feeling icky all the time. My 1st, Tyler, was 8 lbs 1 oz....I thought that was big!! I didn't have that bad of a pregnancy, and he was such a good baby. Nathan was stubborn in my tummy, and stubborn when he came out!! lol He was the only baby in the nursery that cried all night!!! I think the nurses were glad when we left!! He had sensory issues right from the start! Didn't like being wet, didn't like being changed, didn't like bath, being held, being put down......the list goes on!!!!

Of course, no one in the family was familiar with autism and SID, so we didn't get him dx'd til his was 5. Anyway, glad you were able to do an intro! I know how busy it is having 2 little ones!!! Mine are both in school now....ALL DAY!! YEAH!!!!


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Tue, 11-15-2005 - 2:46pm

Just wanted to say Hi and welcome! I'm new here as well (will be posting an intro as soon as I get a couple of minutes).


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Sat, 11-26-2005 - 9:01pm


Welcome. It sounds to me like you could push for more help for PJ from the school district (at 3yo they transition from early intervention to the school district in most locations). It's mellowdramatic but true to say that he poses a threat to the baby and need behavioural intervention. They will (should) want to assist you with this ASAP as they will want to nip those behaviours in the bud rather than allow them to progress and have a major management issue on their hands when he starts K.

Forgive my presumptuousness, but I think PJ might benefit from a special ed preschool program, (actually I think both you JoJo -great name BTW -would also benefit from having PJ in a program!) and I advise you to look into it.

We are happy to have you here. I hope this board becomes a haven for you, as it has for me.



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Sat, 11-26-2005 - 9:54pm


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Mon, 11-28-2005 - 8:26am

Just a quick HELLO to say welcome here and after more than 5 years of working with my own (now 8) year old son, I can say the pain of a dx is completely offset by success, which comes from rearranging how we deal with our son's challenges and education and watching him respond and learn... knowledge is power ... and our son is doing terrifically well! He is funny, bright, happy, has lots of friends and adventures, and comtinues to grow and learn how to be responsible for himself and his well-being. Do we still have difficult days? Yes, but that is also part of parenting. The biggest change ... has been in US!

Good luck, we are here for you. Having friends who are also parents of a PDD child or 2 makes a huge difference in feeling more "normal", just a parent with more unusual challenges. Which is not to minimize the fact that the world is tougher to navigate with PDD, but it is possible. And now all we have to do is change the world to be a more hospitable place for our kids!!! but that's nothing a group of seriously-focused moms can't do... grrrrrr