my introduction :)

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my introduction :)
Fri, 06-29-2007 - 7:16pm

hello, i am a bit new to all this, my name is Dana and i am a stay at home mom to 4 kids, ages 7- 5 -3 -2, our youngest ---Silas is my reason for joining this group, his story is a long one so i will try to make it as short as
Silas was a VERY quiet baby, he never cried or anything people would always say you never knew he was there, he did not make much noise either, he was late at everything...rolling over around 7 months, sitting at 10 months, standing at 14 months, walking at almost 19 months, he never really babbled as a baby either, so any way the ped was finally like you need to take him to a developmental doctor, so we did and this was his report
Gross motor delay, developmental delays, mixed expressive, receptive language disorder, low musscle tone
then came the visit to the neurologist and this was his report---Gross motor delay, developmental delays, mixed expressive, receptive language disorder, low musscle tone,some form of PDD-NOS, early signs of aspergers
then we also went to a endochronologist, who discovered his thyroid was elevated, and his tyrosine level was elevated and we still have no answer as to why
then came the visit to the gastrointerologist, for constant diarrhea, and they did the ph probe test and a upper gi and a endoscopy with biopsy, and a video swallow study and nothing signifigant was ever found
then came our visits to the ear nose and throat doc, they tested his hearing because he was not talking and both ears were then we had cat scans and mri's and they foud he had a very large amount of fliud in his mastoids, how it got there is beyond me cause he never had a ear infection in his whole life...the neurologist said maybe it was there since birth, who knows not any way they put tubes in and drained both ears last summer, and then a few weeks ago we had another mri done and the neurologist said it looks like there is still fluid on both sides....:( so i dont know what they will do about that....
then we decided to take him to a holistic doc because we were getting nowhere, so we went to dr.buttram ....he found a moderate yeast overgrowth in his intestines, and his neurotransmitters were very elevated....he put him on child essence vitamins, and MB-12 injections and he told us to do a dairy free diet for 3 weeks so we did and then we gave him his bottle back and WAMOOOOO he pooed like 8 times in 20 minutes, so dairy is out..:(, and we are slowly finding more foods that go right throught him, corn and grapes and raisins come out like nothing ever happened to is weird, and they come out like 20 minutes after he eats them....? well any way so far he gets speech twice a week and occupational therapy, and feeding therapy, he is very picky, he weigs 25 pounds and he is 2 and a half....he will chew stuff up and spit it out or gag on it, or stuff his mouth so full he cant chew,he seems to like food with a strong flavor, he will eat a whole can of black feeding team says it could be due to the low muscle tone, foods that have a strong flavor he can taste better, and when he stuffs he is able to feel the food in his mouth better, but then he cant chew, he also puts VERY disgusting things in his mouth and he still mouths on toys and stuff.... there is allot more but i think now i am just so i guess that is good for now..LOLOL..there is nobody around here to really talk to and it would be nice to make some friends you understand what we are going through!!!!!

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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 9:01pm

wow Dana!

Quite a lot of stuff for a two year old.

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Tue, 07-03-2007 - 10:18am

Hi Dana! Welcome to the group! Your son sounds a lot like my youngest dd, Lily. She has been dx'd with pdd-nos with a possibility of that being changed to aspergers as she gets older. Her medical history could take up quite a bit of space, so I'll try to be brief too. She has Sensenbrenner syndrome, low muscle tone, reflux controlled by medication, and food allergies (milk, corn, eggs etc.). She loves to eat large amounts of food and she likes spicy foods as well. However, food textures have always been a problem. They have slowwwly gotten better, but it's still somewhat of an issue. Her speech therapists also believe that she leans towards foods with strong flavors due to her muscle tone as well. Probably the same reason that she puts way too much food in her mouth at a time and doesn't chew well at all. She also had tubes put in her ears due to fluid that was intermittently seen on MRIs. She never had recurrent ear infections, just fluid that wouldn't drain. Anyways, I just wanted you to know that you're not alone. There are many wonderful parents on this board who will be there to answer your questions and to listen to any venting you may want to do. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Amy~mom to Natalie (10 yrs) and Lily (4.5 yrs)

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Mon, 07-02-2007 - 9:53pm

Hey, Dana!

glad to have you here! this is a great group of ladies and so helpful!

I'm mom to 5 kiddos, my middle child, Weston age 10, has a autism Dx. He's doing great now after lots of therapy. He was a very quiet child, didn't talk until later. He had lots of eating issues (still does) and was overly sensitive to lots of things. He loves strongly flavored foods (super hot sweet pickles are a current favorite).

Glad you're here!

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Sat, 06-30-2007 - 11:41am

Welcome Dana~

I always says this is the nicest group of gals you'd wish you'd never had to meet! But, since you're "one of us", at least you don't have to navigate on your own.

Pull up a comfy chair, grab your beverage of choice and hmmm...I'm not sure who's on cyber cookie duty currently. Candes, maybe? Ah well, somebody pretty important to this board has a really special birthday on July 1st, and if you stick around I'm sure you'll get some cyber birthday cake soon.


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