new dx of AS @ age 8 for DS

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new dx of AS @ age 8 for DS
Sun, 06-04-2006 - 1:59am

Hello, it's nice to be back @ Parentsplace, I started here with DD in 2000 with the EP group, and tried out the Sensory Integration and Spirited Kids groups as well. Here we are, five diagnoses later, with an AS label, as well as ADHD, LD, SI, and DCD. Same bright funny, very challenging kid DS always was, but now an explanation for stuff that's frustrated us for years.

I'm very interested in connecting with other moms on the board, and want to hear from people about alternative and complementary therapies they have tried, what success they have had, etc. as I would like to develop a parent resource in this area. I am a writer specializing in this field in Canada (originally from Seattle, though), and well networked in "CAM" as it's called, but not in AS or ASD. Learning fast, and would like to "sit at your feet."

Thank you for being here -
Arielmomto2 (Tamir, almost 9, and Ya'ira, almost 6)

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Sun, 06-04-2006 - 10:14am
Welcome to the board Ariel!! It seems you have taken the path on Ivillage that many moms take and then end up here.


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Sun, 06-04-2006 - 2:51pm

Hi Ariel!

Welcome to our board! I have 2 boys, Tyler 9 NT and Nathan 7 HFA. I know there's so much to learn and take in, and it seems like you've been riding the rollercoaster for a few years now!! I'm glad you found us....there are lots of supportive mom's here!


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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 3:01pm

Hi Ariel and welcome! I think I started at Problems at School and then went to Spirited Kids for awhile......eventually wound up here. My aspie (Vaughn) just turned 8 in May and is finishing up 2nd grade. He has always done well academically in school but not behaviorally. He started seeing a behavior therapist in 1st grade and after seeing her for 6 months, she suggested that I have him evaluated to rule out that done in December 2005 and here we are. I also have an almost 2 yr old - Jack - NT as far as we know.

Feel free to jump in at anytime with comments or questions......this is a very nice group of parents here.

Christie from Ohio

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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 9:02pm
Hi Ariel,
Welcome to the board. I have a 3 year old son with HFA and a 2 year old daughter that has sensory processing disorder but is quite possibly on the spectrum also.The moms here are great and always have lots of wonderful advice.
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Mon, 06-05-2006 - 11:10pm
Welcome to the board.
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