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new here
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I am new to this board and I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to have found it. My son Sam (turned 2 in March) was referred to EI in April for an eval for speech because he was not putting 2 words together in a meaningful way. He was also not really gesturing for things that he wanted either but his 4 yo brother was doing the talking for both of them. Sam has always been so sweet,affectionate and easy going that the thought of something going on with him was off my radar. He had pretty much been meeting his milestones other than the speech up uintil that point. He had a bit of a regression just before he turned 2- stopped using his words as much and stopped waving bye-bye but it was gradual and nothing so striking that it immediately jumped up at you. Anyway, The EI eval was a disaster and I sat there looking at my beautiful son and realized what was happening. I am a social worker who worked in EI many years ago (before I had kids of my own) and I could not believe I had missed so many flags with him- the not responding to his name, lining up his cars, preferring to play alone. I feel so much guilt over the time I lost for him.
The first few weeks I just spent crying all the time, feeling like I was watching my child slip away from me. We were very lucky to get him into a developmental pediatrician 2 weeks later through a cancellation and he received a diagnosis of PDD- NOS. He has started speech therapy, ABA and will start play group next week. We are trying to get an OT and PT eval but that has been difficult. He has already made a lot of gains- better eye contact, using his words to express his needs, following commands but when I think about the road ahead I feel overwhelmed. I am exhausted and feel like I can't think about anything else. I still cry when I say his DX out loud to someone for the first time so needless to say only family and very close friends are aware. I feel like I am neglecting my older, "typically" developing son who has his own important milestone coming up- starting kindergarten- in a few months.
Anyway, I am so happy to have found other mothers on this board to talk to and hope that I can be a support to all of you as well.


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(((((Tracey)))) Welcome to the board.


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Welcome Tracey and believe me everthing you said in your post is something we have all felt and still feel from time to time. My son was diagnosed at the same age as your son also(PDD-NOS). It is scary at the start and overwhelming at times because of all the therapy etc. but it does get easier so hang in there!
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Hi Tracey,

Welcome. You must know from working in EI that your son has a lot of promise and getting him support services now at 2 is a wonderful blessing. I started working EI when my daughter was 3 and that is when I first knew for sure something was wrong. Prior to that I worked with older kids in a residential school who were very severe so I thought I was just reading into typical kid behavior. I had no idea what typical was.

You didn't miss time. 2 is a great age to start.

Welcome to the place we all love but none of us wish we had to be here.