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New here
Tue, 04-13-2004 - 4:49pm
Hello my name is Shannon and I have a 5 yo boy dx Aspergers a little over a year ago. His name is Jacob.
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Tue, 04-13-2004 - 8:57pm
Welcome Shannon! Do you care for chocolates? We are passing them around who has those chocolates please pass them to Shannon?

Shannon I have 2 sons Jimmy PDD-NOS age 15 will be 16 next month and Kyle age 11 learning disabilities. Jimmy is currently working on an autism page and I will let everyone know when he gets it finished. My DH of 17 years is still recovering from a bad fall at work.

I am eager to learn about you and your family!

Again welcome!


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Wed, 04-14-2004 - 8:35am


I am Paula, I also have a 5yo (he'll be 6 in July), Peter who is diagnosed as


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Wed, 04-14-2004 - 2:22pm
Hi Shannon and welcome. My name is Shelley and have a 3 year old DS, Vaughn. We are currently awaiting a June evaluation for AS and/or SID. DH is Gary. I look forward to sharing more on our families. This is a great place with supportive and knowledgable moms...I've learned a great deal from the people here.


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Sun, 04-18-2004 - 10:27am
Let me tell you a bit more about my family...

DH Steven

DD Hannah 12

DS Jacob 5 1/2 dx aspergers, OCD, CAPD

DS Jordan 3-SID, hearing loss( due to chronic ear infections, glue ear, Milk Allergic, otherwise so far NT)

DS Jayden 14 mo

I am a Nurse that decided to stay home when started having problems with Jacob. It never hit me there was something actually wrong...I just thought he was extremely stubborn, selective listener, etc...I was the only person that could interpret his speech. He has a speech impedement( lisp). He had always been a creature of habit, and a behavior problem. I enrolled him into a head start classroom the year before starting Kindergarten to get him used to being with other kids and that was when the problems started. Within the first week they had referrred him to CPSE for speech eval, which also included a psych eval. He was 4 at this time....(actually just 4 as he has a Sept. BD) I took him to the evaluations and was surprised at what I was hearing from his mouth. Very bizarre comments and answers to the ST questions...I knew he knew the answers but why was he answering like this???? When we went to our first CPSE meeting to go over eval findings the suggested we take him to a Dev. Ped ASAP....So we went to our GP doc for the referral and he felt we were wasting our time.... We had to drive 2 1/2 hrs to see this doc. He referred us to have an EEG, and CT of the head done. Which were normal. He talked with us for 20 min, that I know of didn't read the ST or school psych report and told me to lace him in special ed for a few years to see what happens. Return if needed. He then wrote a letter that started he didn't feel Jacob met criteria for a DX of ASD....I had no idea that was even a thought...Jacob spent that visit staring out the window calling out numbers he saw...the doc never talked to him. We had another meeting at the school where they decided he needed speech 5 times 30 and a 1 on 1 aide and ABA was recommended. All he got at that time was Speech. Then the ST called me and thought he was having seizures, he did this thing with his eyes, and would blank out and then return back. I took him back to the doc we had seen before and he didn't seem to notice quite a few things about my son, for example: in the room we were in on this visit there was no window and Jacob was "freaking" out because he couldn't look for numbers(he really enjoyed his numbers at this time) and instaed of asking me to take him to the bathroom he told me I need to go to the "brown with the blue rectangle mommy with the M, whats next mommy(I was clueless wharer he was coming from so I answered I don't know Jacob)an E he announced, whats next mommy, I was still clueless an N mommy....I really had to think MEN, do you need to go tothe bathroom?? YES he yelled...Hello doesn't that seem Odd to anyone??I took him and I'd be darned the bathroom door was brown with a blue rectangle that spelled MEN. Upon returning the doc said he has a very good memory, I'd say almost photographic, but still same thing put him in special ed and wait a few years to see what happens...this wasn't good enough for me. I called our insurance company about where to go for a second oponion. We went and after 6 weekly 2 hour visits, it came back Aspergers. Only 1 week before starting Kindergarten with speech services. Anyway that is his story. He is now split between an autistic classroom and his reg. Kindergaren class with Speech, OT and PT. He has a 1 on 1 ABA trained aide and is extremely smart and is OBSESSED with Thomas. Thats my family.