New here and new to Asperger's

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New here and new to Asperger's
Mon, 02-05-2007 - 10:46am

My almost-10yo son has not been officially diagnosed with Aspergers, but as he was being evaluated for dysgraphia and ADD issues, the school asked permission to have him evaluated by the autism team because they suspect Asperger's. It had never even crossed my mind that he might have it, since there are so many symptoms that overlap with his ADD; we'd just chalked those up to attention problems.

After reading more on it, though, I am completely convinced that they are right. He's extremely high-functioning and very intelligent, which is probably why it's gone unnoticed for so long (and because we knew he had ADD). Now, though, I'm going back and forth between being ecstatic that we are finally getting some answers as to what's going on with him, back to being completely devastated that there IS something wrong.

He's still just Andrew, it's not like that has changed, but I'm happy that he's finally being diagnosed and crushed by the fact that he has a 'label' that falls into the autism spectrum. Still very confused, grateful that it isn't worse, wishing it wasn't true, too many emotions to count.

Oh, and by way of introduction, my name is BreeAnne and Andrew is the oldest of five, soon to be six, kids. He's in the fourth grade. We're in the Dallas area.

I used to be on ivillage all the time and stopped coming here during the format change a few years ago, so I've gotten out of the habit of checking boards, but I suspect I will be back here more often as we are continuing to get this figured out and learn more about it.


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Wed, 02-07-2007 - 6:13pm

Welcome to the board BreeAnne.

One book you may want to pick up is called "The ADHD/Autism Connection".

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Mon, 02-05-2007 - 11:11am

Hi There, BreeAnne~

Welcome to the best board you never wanted to join! Or as some say, if you have to be here, it's a great place to be.

I'm Amy-mom to three (so far), two of which are on the spectrum. My oldest is a 9 y/o boy, Noah, who's my Aspie.

While it's hard to believe now, getting real answers is the best possible thing for your son. I think that a lot of aspie kids get tagged ADD early on, and because of that, they never get the help they really need to be as successful as possible...and these kids can be REALLY successful! My son struggled the first few years of school, but now that he's been Dx'd he gets the support he needs, and his progress has been amazing.

So again, welcome...I think you'll be glad you found us. :-)


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