New here, and new to autism

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New here, and new to autism
Thu, 12-14-2006 - 10:57pm

Hi, I'm Chrissy. I'm a 24 yr old SAHM of 3. DD is 7, in first grade, she has straight A's and is in the accelerated reading program. She is not why I'm here, obviously,lol. My 4 yr old ds, Hayden, and 19 month old ds Mason, are why I am here.

Hayden was recently dx with ASD, he has OCD issues(among several others,lol). He is in a developmental preschool, 4 afternoons a week, with pt, ot, and language therapy. Social stories are not working. He is obsessed with numbers, clocks, telephone poles, trains, etc. He stims a lot by running objects, like toys train tracks, across his eyes while making a clicking noise with his mouth. Can you say echoalia?! He also has eczema and asthma. His first 2 weeks of school were awful. Now he has flipped and he is great at school, but a monster at home, after he gets back from school especially. Latley, he has been telling people he will eat them when he is mad, or he wants his baby bro to melt. He has giant blue eyes with long lashes, and chubby baby hands. He breaks my heart on a daily basis.

Mason is following in big brothers footsteps. To young to give a dx, we go back to the neuro in 6 months for him. While he is much more social than Hayden, his fine and gross motor and speech are worse off. He is in pt, ot, and we are looking for a st. Lots of sensory issues. Walked at 18 months, never crawled. He has a 60% delay overall in speech. He bangs his head and scratches like crazy if he is undressed. My sweet baby.

I have been lurking for awhile. This was hard for me to post, I don't know why. Thanks for reading. -Chrissy

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Fri, 01-05-2007 - 9:48am

Hey, Chrissy, my son is 8 now but at that age we did *alot* of role playing with toys.
When there was some skill I wanted him to learn, we'd do the social story and then act it out through play. At first, my guy would do the correct behavior, but once he understood the concept, he would act it out with his figure. This way I understood that he really got it. The trick from there is applying it to real life.

I remember we had an extremely hard time at this point whenever kids came over. He would get so excited that he got completely uninhibited and just totally off the wall. I felt like I tried everything until I came up with a chart. Appropriate behavior -talking, sharing, walking were in green with a smiley face and thumps up; inappropriate behaviors in red, screaming, running, grabbing with a frowny face with a thumps down. If he was acting appropriately, I'd give the "thumps up" if not, then I'd do "thumps down". Once he got this "green" and "red" became our code words -ie "green" behavior is expected at the bank, but "red" is okay at the playground.

One thing we did recently was a "friendship jar". We first talked about what is friendly behavior and that acting friendly makes people want to play with us. When I saw him acting friendly, he got a chip. So what you are doing is pointing out and reinforcing any positive behavior. You can count the chips at the end of the week and let him pick some small prize. Hope that helps! Monica

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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 10:33pm

Welcome Chrissy.

It is hard to post the first time and it sounds like you are in a tough spot still at home. Hayden just started preschool? He may still be overwhelmed. Likely the behavior at home right after school is the result of him being overwhelmed and overstimulated. After coping all day he comes home and just lets loose on the one person who will always love him, mom.

I have so been there with my kiddo's, particularly my son. It is not easy especially when you are trying to parent the other children as well who may be challenging. BUt it gets better, honest!

Have them implemented a sensory diet for Hayden at school yet? That may help with his melting down on you after school.


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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 8:20am

Thanks for the warm welcome girls! Hayden has memorized his social story, but it still isn't working. I'll have to try the pics. We are currently working on making him a schedule with pics for after school. Pics of playdoh, him eating dinner, bath time, etc. We'll see how that goes, lol. The social story that we are reading now is for morning time. He will sit in bed until someone comes and gets him. Sometimes he has gone pee and even poop on himself. I usually hear him talking in there, or I am awake before he is. Obviously not always.


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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 8:02am

Dear Chrissy,

Welcome and (((((HUGS)))) from me as well. I can easily imagine why that was hard to post, esp. as you are still in beginning processes of finding out so much about 2 children, very hard.

This is a very supportive place to be, so do stick around, ask questions as many of us have older children and have been at this for years. Lots of BTDT advice...

My son is 9 years old, has read esily since he was 2, always aces schoolwork, and struggles in noisy, chaotic settings (such as in SCHOOL) with high sensory issues and misunderstanding social dues.

I hope to get to know you and your munchkins better.



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Fri, 12-15-2006 - 12:23am


I'm sure you are still dealing with your own issues about the dx.

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