New here and so totally confused

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New here and so totally confused
Sun, 10-07-2007 - 4:21pm
Hello! My name is Lucinda. I have a 2 and a half year old son and another boy on the way! Gray, our two year old, has been with Infants and Toddlers since he turned 2. I told our ped that I was a little concerned with his development at the time, so we got intervention right away. He now has a OT and someone working with his eating coming to the house. He is also starting to going to a "preschool" class once a week with other kids in infants and toddlers. My mom brought up Asperger's a while back, and since then I feel like I'm always analyzing makes me crazy. He definitely had a period before he turned two that he kind of stalled. His eye contact was not good and he wouldn't follow a single direction and rarely answered to his name. He is now 2 and 7 months and has GREATLY improved, but I can't tell what are delays and what could be Spectrum. His eye contact with family, people that he is drawn to, are great. If it is a stranger or someone he doesn't care about he will either ignore them or say, "Bye-bye! See you later! Bye-Bye!" and try and get them to buzz off! If he sees his grandma for example (even after a number of months) he will smile and be so happy to see her. He will sometimes get really focused on something and getting his attention is difficult, but other times he really tries to pull you in and look at you to see that you're enjoying what he's seeing. He askes for you to read him a book, or draw with him. He is very happy and smiley, he LOVES to sing and be sung is a true gift. He picks up songs like MAGIC and can recite books he likes after only a few reads. He sings a LOT though...not sure if that is a "red flag". He doesn't throw tantrums at all really, and doesn't mind transitions in the least...he's very flexible. He has "obsessions" i.e. SEAHORSES! LOL! He can't get enough of them...he loves animals and sea creatures...but just loves seahorses. He has tons of words, and talks constantly, but his conversational speech is delayed. He can name things etc, but if you ask him how is he doing....he will have no idea what you're talking about. His fine/gross motors are great. He is FINALLY starting to listen and participate in things. We are in the little gym and even though he isn't as calm and complacent as the other kids, he has a ball and is starting to follow directions MUCH BETTER. He actually cleans up when I ask him to...which is HUGE! Basically, none of us can tell if he is on the Spectrum or if he is just quirky! I'm trying to get as much intervention as I can early...he may end up being a "typical peer" in a PEP Pilot preschool program when he turns three if he qualifies. ANY insight would be great. I hate waiting for a diagnosis...I just want to know whether all this worrying is warranted....I know it really DOESN'T MATTER, but I know you guys know where I'm coming from. Thanks!!!
Here you go :)

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It sounds like you have alot of positive things going on for him.