New here, with meds question...

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New here, with meds question...
Wed, 03-05-2008 - 8:30pm

Hi, I'm Julie, I have 2 great daughters including my 8 yo who is AS/ADHD. A few years ago when she got the ADHD diagnosis, we tried a couple of stimulant meds (Metadate and Adderall) and they were horrible for her, really bad mood swings, heart-breaking crying, plus the Adderall added aggression to the mix. Strattera turned out to work well for her, and she's been on it a couple of years. School has been challenging this year, she's been having more meltdowns when she doesn't understand/can't do some work, and her anxieties just seem to be getting more broad. We recently started with a new pediatrician and decided to take her off the strattera and put her on clonidine at night to help her sleep (she was keeping herself awake to "keep the bad dreams away"). Her dr has now suggested trying focalin to help with focus and attention in school, but I am really unsure. I've been reading up on it and in general the side effects seem much less, but of course every kid reacts differently, right? I just remember how bad the mood swings were on stimulants before. And she is very restrictive in her eating and because she is in constant motion, she's pretty skinny, so I worry about stimulants decreasing her appetite.

Can any of you share your experiences good or bad about focalin? I really appreciate it, thanks!

Julie, mom of Hannah and Grace!
Julie, mom of Hannah (12) and Grace (9)!

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Wed, 03-05-2008 - 9:23pm

I don't have any experience with the meds you are asking about but others do.


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Thu, 03-06-2008 - 11:16am