New here with preschool ???'s

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New here with preschool ???'s
Mon, 08-02-2004 - 4:47pm
Hi, I'm Laura. My 4.5 year old son was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He has some autistic tendencies like flapping his arms, some social problems interacting with other kids, and some attention problems, but does not meet the criteria for Asperger's or autism.

We had him tested over the summer and based on his OT results, he qualified for admission to a "priority preschool" for special needs kids in our school district. He started there last week and seems to be fine so far. However, our dev ped also recommended that we keep him in a non-SN program because he is advanced in some areas like academics and speech, and he felt that it would be beneficial for him to be around non-special needs peers.

So he started the "regular" preschool today. He goes there in the mornings 4 days a week and to the special needs program 3 afternoons a week. He's a busy kid! I am wondering if it will be too much, but we'll see.

My question is, how do I explain his needs to the regular classroom teacher? I mentioned to her today that he has some special needs that need to be addressed. When she questioned me further, I said he had PDD. She had no idea what that meant, so I had to give her a brief explaination of some of his problems.

Do any of you know of some simple, basic resources that I could have on hand for occasions like that? I have found many links on the internet, but they all seem to relate more to autism or Asperger's and treatments for that than for PDD. They are also pretty heavy on the medical lingo, and I'd like to find something that could explain things more simply.

Any information or advice would be much appreciated! I am looking forward to getting to know you all more.



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Mon, 08-02-2004 - 5:10pm

OMG!! Are you the Laura from When Pumping Ends? Remember me, clara-89 aka Susan with Stephen who is now 3.5 and Mary Grace who is now as she puts it "6 and three quarters"?

Stephen has been dx'd with PDD-NOS too! Like yours, he has a similar schedule. He goes to a regular preschool 5 days a week and goes to special ed preschool 4 mornings a week where he gets SLP/PT/OT. Actually both classrooms are inclusive classrooms (some IEP's, some typically developing), but the morning preschool has a special ed. teacher. He's busy too but seems to be thriving. Since both preschools are run by the same school district and in buildings right next to eachother, his two teachers know eachother and keep in touch via a notebook that I've kept in his backpack. Both teachers have been really great about using the notebook to communicate with eachother and it gives me a way to keep tabs on what is happening in the classroom.

I'm interested in the answers you get as I too have been having a difficult time finding some basic resources just to help family and friends understand Stephen a bit better. Good question!

Great to "see" a fellow w/p'er and pp'er on this board.

I'll try to visit more often to see how you are doing!!


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Mon, 08-02-2004 - 8:18pm

I have a just turned-3-year old (not PDD, but close) who will start "priority" (I like that term!) pre-school one month from today (not that I'm counting LOL!) :) His is 50:50 typically developing to special needs, so he doesn't have to supplement.

Anyway, I really like

Welcome to you!


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Tue, 08-03-2004 - 5:06pm
Hey Susan!

Yes, it's me. So nice to see a familiar face!

How interested that our stories are so similar. I was thrilled to find this board, because you know what an alienating experience having a special kid can be. I've gotten all the strange looks, the pulling back when you say "special needs" and the feelings of incompetency on my part. Just reading the other posts here has made me feel so much better!

Take care,