new here - ? regarding who to see

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new here - ? regarding who to see
Thu, 10-25-2007 - 8:45am

Hi Everyone,

My daughter is 5 yrs. old & was given the diagnosis of PDD-NOS at age 2.5 yrs. from developmental pediatrician.

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Thu, 10-25-2007 - 10:41am

Hi Maria! welcome to our little corner of the web. Good to have you! pull up a comfy chair and your favorite cyber beverage, I'm passing the chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven.

It sounds like she's being bothered by noise, which is a pretty typical sensory issue for children on the autism spectrum. Our OT (occupational therapist) said about 75% of kids Dx with an autism spectrum disorder has significant sensory issues. My suggestion would be to request in writing that the school district do a full OT evaluation including sensory integration issues (by an OT who is qualified to do sensory evals). If she's crying after getting off the bus and in the restrooms (possibly being bothered by noises in class and the cafeteria or on the playground-- as those are also noisy unpredictable places w/i the school environment) then it is affecting her educationally and it is something that needs to be addressed. If you don't get satisfaction through the school district then you can always have a private evaluation done and bring it to the school for the IEP team to work with.

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Thu, 10-25-2007 - 4:27pm

Welcome to the board! It sounds like your DD is doing fantastic! Great to hear, and yes it sounds like a sensory issue she may be having with the noise. Not really sure who you would see to help her with this. My son had sesnory issues via touch and OT helped out with that.

Consult your PDoc to see if he/she can refer you.

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Thu, 10-25-2007 - 6:13pm

Hi Maria,

Welcome to the board. I am glad you found us.

Ditto everything Betsy said. An OT qualified in sensory issues is the best person to assess and treat this kind of issue.

There are some things you can do which will help. I know some parents have bought their kids


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