New here...

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New here...
Thu, 08-30-2012 - 9:58pm

I have been looking for a message board for autism for a short while now. I used to post of the firefighters wives & various parenting boards once upon a time so I thought I'd try ivillage once again. 

A little about my story... I have 3 kids, DD12, DS9, DD5.  DS was Dx this past June with ASD, high functioning.  This Dx means nothing more to me than  a direction as to how to help him and the red flag the school needs to take me seriously. He is the same kid he was before the Dx, it doesn't define him, but it guides the rest of us in how to associate with and help him. I have been trying to get the school to help him since Kindergarten but only in 3rd grade does the report card start to show the discrepencies between his ability and what he is doing. I actually took yellow highlighter to his report card and highlighted anywhere there was concern.  At the same time that the school was evaluating him I was having him privately evaluated by a neurodev ped for the 2nd time in 2 years.  Initially he was Dx with oppositional defiance, but they FINALLY Dx him with ASD. 

My son was speech delayed and Dx with tongue thrust. He has had speech therapy since he was 2-1/2, seen a psychologist, horseback riding therapy, etc. Finally I brought all my papers to the pedicatrician and had her look them over and point me in the right direction. I got in to a behaviorist who doesn't take new patients(jack pot!), the evaluations followed and for the 1st time ever we are getting help thru the school! :smileyhappy: Ds will have a special ed teacher in the class with him for language arts. This is huge to me!

Often times I feel alone in this, although I know that I am not! I know quite a few other moms with kids on the spectrum. We all have different stories, but for most this Dx is nothing new.  I don't like to complain and don't want it to sound like I am putting my son down so I tend to stay quiet. And one of my bigger reasons for staying quiet is that he is so borderline. This is why it took so long to get the Dx. But it also means more years of wondering if it was just behavior. Of the school guessing what is going on, and of frustration on my part since the medical community was disagreeing with my instinct.  Now he is under drs care, started meds for anxiety & has an IEP.

So I am hoping that here I may feel more comfortable in my anonimity and learn something from everyone else while getting support when I need it.  Sorry that was so long.


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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 1:30pm
Hi Christine, it's nice to "meet" you. You found a very safe place to talk about your son, I'm sure that you'll be able to relate to a lot of the other members. I'm glad that you finally got the diagnosis for your son, it just helps to know what you are dealing with.