New member here....nephew with Asperger brother needs advice.

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New member here....nephew with Asperger brother needs advice.
Sun, 02-19-2012 - 11:55pm
My nephew is 8 years old. He was diagnosed with Aspergers about 2 years ago. My brother and SIL have such a hard time with him. I want to help them and am trying to gain more knowledge in the disorder. I feel so bad because he stays in trouble all the time at home and school. He has meds that he takes but when hes on them hes like a zombie. My concern lately are the violent pictures that he draws and he screamed the "f" word this past weekend. First time its happened. He also is very down on himself. His sister dont help matters by tattling every little thing he does. I am working toward my degree in ECE and know a little about autism but i dont know much about AS. Any suggestions of information boards would be great.
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A useful website is

Try the books by Tony Attwood or 'How to be yourself in a world that is different'

Life can be very frustrating and scary with Aspergers syndrome because you are surrounded by people who do not understand your experience of the world. Things that do not appear to be problematic to you and me - like changes in routine, sensory problems, people breaking the rules, boundaries - can be hugely problematic, and they can respond they way we would to someone attacking us. They cannot always judge their own emotions, or the intensity of them, or interpret facial, verbal and social cues correctly. They do not always understand metaphors and can take things literally. They find coping with social situations very stressful.

They key to calming things down when they feel out of hand is to try and identify the 'triggers' that have set them off, and help them learn more appropriate responses. You'll need to try and get inside the mind-set of an Aspie to understand this though, as they won't be triggers that necessarily make sense to you.

Routines, social stories, clear boundaries and expecations will make life a bit less stressful for your nephew and make it easier for those around him to support him properly.

Life with an Aspie is a challenge at times, but it is also a huge adventure - like trying to understand what it is like to live on Mars.You are blessed to have your nephew, and his unique perspective on life, in your life - you will learn a lot from him.

hth, and welcome to the board

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