New to Post. Not to Autism

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New to Post. Not to Autism
Mon, 10-03-2005 - 1:11pm


Just wanted to introduce myself. I have a 7yo DD with autism - Ren. She was DX at 4. Since that time, I have tried just about every intervention that we could get access to or afford. In the end, I know I had to try (and still do) everything I could to try and help her. She's turned out to be a wonderful person in spite of it all!!

I'm not a big poster. But, I'd like to drop in and say hi now and then. I enjoy reading your posts.


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Tue, 10-04-2005 - 1:09pm


Welcome! I'm Michelle and my son is 6 1/2 dx'd HFA when he was 5. Our household is still adjusting to it all. I also have an 8yr old son, Tyler, who is doing his best to deal with his brother's little quirks.

Glad to have you here, it's a great place to be!


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Tue, 10-04-2005 - 9:45am

Thanks everybody. I don't know how much wisdom I can offer. While we share a common thread, our kids are so different. But, I can offer lots of understanding.


P.S. Amy. We moved around a lot as a kid, but never to Illinois. I don't heard of many Kaki's. I guess there's a few of us.

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Mon, 10-03-2005 - 10:29pm

Hi Kaki~

I have to say, I'm amazed to "meet" another Kaki. When I was growing up in Central Illinois I went to school with a girl named Kaki. Needless to say, it would be ironic if we were both "Blue Devils" with autistic children.

I'm Amy- I have three children, two of which are on the spectrum.

Glad you decided to pop in and say hi.

Amy W.

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Mon, 10-03-2005 - 10:02pm

Welcome Kaki! always nice to have a fresh voice in this world of chaos! I look forward to your words of wisdom and experience.

I have 5 children -- the middle child w/ HFA, we're pretty new to the Dx but knew for a long time that something was a bit different w/ this child.


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Mon, 10-03-2005 - 9:16pm

Welcoe out of lurkdom. I hoe you stick around to post and advise us. We could always use an exta hand!

My DS is 7 now too. He was DXed at 5.5, but we *knew* long before that...



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