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My name is Brooke. I have a 11 year old son,who was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS and ADD. he was a foster/adopt child and was placed with us at the age of 2. He was evaluated by Easter Seals and BCIU,here in Pa. At the age of 3,he attended head start and went to ST,OT,PT. He had severe behavior problems. he's bit others and himself,bang his head,and scratch inside his mouth. It was to the point that my husband and I would have to restrain him and stick him in a padded play pen. We really had no thoughts on what took place with our son,because at that time he was just a foster child. When we finally adopted him he still continue this behavior and the caseworkers,would tell us it's because he's acting out from the visits with birth mom and to a new setting. The behaviors slowed down bit,but he still would bang his head,so they said it had some thing to do with his repeated ear infections. So they decided to insert ear tubes. The ear tubes have been in his ears for 3 years,they just recently removed them. However he still has many criteria of those on the autism spectrum. For many years my husband and I have been trying to get someone to hear us. We knew that our son had more then just learning disabilities and issues with his adjustment and ears. He went through Kindergarten to 5th grade with no friends,getting picked on and struggling in school. This year,in his 5th grade. He had a wonderful speech teacher,who agreed with my husband and I that this child may be autistic. So this year she reevaluated his social skills,his IEP and they did a sensory interrogation. It showed on these evaluations that he had,poor social skills and sensory issues,to those who are on the autism spectrum. So with the help of a new pediatrician who specializes in child development,psychologist,and neuro,we finally got results. For so many years our child was overlooked and because of it,he struggled. Those who we thought would help us,just look past the possibility. The caseworkers,physicians,school teachers and other staff members. However one special teacher in my sons life heard his cry for help and to her I'm very Thankful!

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(((HUGS))) and welcome!

what a wonderful special teacher! We've had a few of those in our journey and they are very special people. It's too bad all those professionals in his earlier life dropped the ball, but what is important now is that he's getting the supports and help he needs.