New...not sure what dx will be...

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New...not sure what dx will be...
Thu, 01-01-2009 - 12:32pm


I have a 3 year old daughter who enrolled in preschool this year. At
home she is bright, active, loving, affectionate and very talkative. I
was sure she would love preschool. At her 6 week conference her
teacher told me she had never heard dd speak. I went to observe
her and was horrified by what I saw. Dd was hunched over, looked
down, never spoke, lagged behind in line and never made eye contact. I
felt sick to my Stomach. I stayed the whole day and she was a bit
better when she realized I was there. The SECOND we stepped through
the door to the car she face changed, her posture
straightened and she began talking away.

I had the early childhood school district come and watch her at
school I also brought dd to their offices twice. She does not
like strangers and will not speak to them. She did talk with them
while I was present. They also came to our home and sat and watched
her play. She was not comfortable be did interact with me and her

They told me that they think she is a very highly functioning autistic.
I was shocked because the characteristics they listed where they ones
she does under stress but no where else. She has
imagination, is affectionate, no ticks, no rituals, no fixations, love surprises, no stiming, nothing except the inability to interact in preschool and with people she doesn't know. She understands concepts like over under and behind. She uses pronouns correctly except she does mix up you and me once in a while.

Her preschool had a child with selective mutism a few years back. It sound exactly like her behavior at school. They (sm children) completely shut down and look frozen, do not make eye contact, do not speak, and cannot interact. It like a severe panic attack. I have never seen this anywhere except at her school. She is fine any place I have ever taken her as long as i'm with or she's with family.

Can anyone please advise me on this? Is it possible to have meet all the milestones on time and and have an autism dx? I am taking her to see our Ped Dr
next week.

One other thing. She walks on her tip toes. This has become more pronounced in the last year. I remember when she was born I asked about her legs because they seemed bent. They said it was normal. I asked again at 6 months because they still didn't seem straight enough. I was told again they were fine. At 12 months she was trying to walk but has a hard time. She was very determined and used a walker. She would trip over her toes and her right foot seemed to turn in and she couldn't get out of her own way. I asked about it and they said she would work it out. She was walking on her own at 13 months. At 2 years I told them she seemed to trip herself a lot especially on her right toes. They said it was nothing to worry about. I wonder if something is going on here. I had the chiropractor watch her tip toe walk and he didn't know why she was walking that way but she has all the correct reflexes. He said it was probably neurologically based. I researched possible causes such as spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy. Now I'm questioning very mild cp along with selective mutism!

This is so overwhelming! Thanks for listening.




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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 9:25pm

Ya know I would go ahead and pop on over to the speech and language board and see if anyone there can help you.

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Tue, 01-06-2009 - 6:39pm

Good luck getting your DD the help she needs.


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Thu, 01-08-2009 - 9:32am

Hi, jumping in here late....sorry.

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