Officially delurking!

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Officially delurking!
Fri, 05-20-2005 - 9:14am

Hello Everyone!

I posted a question about a week ago, and got several wonderful responses. Thank you to all who took the time to offer their experiences, advice, and expertise.

Today, I want to introduce myself and my family, and hopefully become a little more active on the board. My name is Shelli, I am from SC, and I am the 35 year old mother of four children. My wonderful husband is Charlie, and he is 34. I have a child from a previous marriage, Mason, who is 17. Charlie and I have three young children together: Chay age 5 1/2, Colby age 3 1/2, and Olivia age 1 1/2. All of my children are wonderful, and I've been blessed by God in so many areas of my life that I sometimes am in awe, wondering what I did to deserve all that he's given me.

Iis my Chay that has AS. We've never been officially diagnosed, but I know that he does, indeed, have the syndrome. I've known since he was born that something was different, but it took a lot of research and time to figure out exactly what it was. Although his PD agrees with me on my diagnosis, and has referred me to a specialist for an official diagnosis, I've opted not to go that route. Chay has AS, yes, but I see improvements in him, and really, unless I told an observer what was wrong, they would just think he "marches to the beat of his own drum."

A little about Chay:

When he was two days old, and we walked in the front door upon returning from delivery, Chay was getting ready to start screaming again (he had colic from day one, and it was all day/all night stuff!), then in mid-meltdown, he spied the shiny god ceiling fan above him, spinning very slowly. I know that newborns can't see well, but he saw something. We stood there for 15 minutes staring at the fan... then he remembered what he was about to do!

He was walking at 8 months, talking at a year, talking in short sentences at 18 months. At which time he knew all of his colors and numbers and shapes. I kid you not. He's always been an over-achiever. He still is. You wouldn't believe how much this kid knows (or maybe you would!).

His obsession has always been vacuums. I have so many pictures of him vacuuming from the time he was beginning to walk. I would be vacuuming the house, and he'd come beside me and pretend one of his push-toys was a vacuum. I immediately went out and bought him a little play one. That worked for a while, but he eventually came to own his own vacuum. He vacuums every day if I let him. He loves visiting people and being able to "check out their vacuums". It is so sweet. He also loves anything mechanical, such as disposals, fans, and his toys that can be taken apart. Those toys cause a big problem in my house, because it drives me crazy to see all his toys taken apart all the time!!

He hates candy of any kind, and anything chocolate. Even the smell drives him insane. If I've been eating it and get too close, he'll wrinkle his face and say, "Have you been eating chocolate?" It is so funny. He does TRY to like candy, every single Halloween. He'll try everthing, and pretend to like it and then put it down. Poor kid. Lately, he is hating textures. Like all of a sudden, he hates grapes because he doesn't like the skin. All of a sudden, he hates popcorn because it gets stuck in his teeth.

Gosh, I could go on and on for hours. I wish I could. I love talking about Chay. Although AS can be such a hard thing to deal with at times, I also feel as if it is almost a blessing in disguise. I really think that Chay will be whatever he wants to be when he becomes a man. He has always been so determined. I foresee him being a FABULOUS mechanical engineer someday, probably working for Kirby or Dirt Devil!

If you've read this long introduction, THANKS! I hope that I'll 'see' all of you soon!


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Fri, 05-20-2005 - 4:18pm

WEll hello there and welcome. Glad you came out of hiding. I like it when people do that. Chay sounds like quite the character. Though I have to say I love his dislike of candy. Now if I can just get my NT 7yo to do that, hmmmmmm. That girl will do anything for chocolate. Can't wait until she starts with her "friend".

Nice to meet you and Like I said to the other newbie poster, don't worry about if it takes a little while for folks to get down here to say hi. I think many of us forget to go past the general topics at the top. Me, I know I have attending and organizational issues. I don't know what everyone elses excuse is (common girls, how bout a welcome!)

Passing some more chocolate!


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Sat, 05-21-2005 - 10:06pm

Dear Shelli,

Welcome to the board, indeed. My son Malcolm has many AS pals (as well as NT pals) and is himself mild PDD-NOS, and they are one fun bunch of kids. Quirky? Yes, but way cool.

We have gone a different route than you, in having our mild PDD-NOS son diagnosed and getting every bit of therapy for him that we can find, including having him schooled in an ASD special school. Our son is doing brilliantly, has many wonderful friends and his social skills are growing by leaps and bounds. His future is truly limitless.

I do believe that every child is different, and what will be right for them will be different as well. Renee (other poster) often says something like "When you've met a child with ASD, you've met a child with ASD" and that is right on. It is wonderful to hear your delight in your son written into your post. My son and his many wonderful quirky friends delight and amaze me every single day. They are beautiful and perfect!

I personally consider all the therapy we have chosen as translation education, teaching my child how to interpret others so he has more choices in his life!!!

Can't wait to hear more about you and your family,



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Sat, 05-21-2005 - 10:36pm

Hi Shelli!

Welcome to the board! I have 2 boys, Tyler (NT 8) and Nathan (HFA 6). Nathan was just dx'd a year ago. Nathan's speech was really delayed, so he's receiving speech therapy in school. We're only starting to learn how Nathan's little mind works! It's very interesting to talk to him!! He surprises us all the time, with his little "sayings" and such. He also has echolalia, sensory issues, he's very routine, a visual learner and he's got some anxiety too. We also knew that something was different about Nathan when he was little too...we just didn't know what it was exactly!!

Anyway, glad you've decided to join us on the board! It's a great place to be to share your everyday ups and downs!!