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Jennifer (34) DH (34) Grant (10 & Dyslexic/dysgrahpic) Riley (9 in July SLP imp) Emma (7)
Joely (2). William brings me here and he will be 5 June 1st. To review we knew something was off with William by the time he was 2wks old. William made no eye contact, could not handle crowds, clothing, baths, or food and because of that was diagnosed FTT at 8mos old. Will has gotten feeding therapy, OT, SLP and PT over the past years. He has never been therapy free in his life. Will was evaluated for Autism by Dev Peds at 2years 8months old and sensory results and some behaviors said yes but social skills and and cognitive skills were advanced so he did not fit. (Mind you we had been treating him with weighted blankets and brushing for nearly 2 years at this point and he was much more functional) MRI showed long and pointy cerebellum tonsils but no other nuerological issues. So we have no official diagnosis. Will begins special Ed Kindergarden in the fall. Here is the thing, the IEP two weeks ago the teacher and therapist feel Will is academically behind and social boundaries are off a tad. Because of these things he is being put in the cross-catagorical class instead of regular K and just being pulled for OT and SLP services. DH and I both feel he is not normal but functional. So do we get re-evaluated for an ASD or just let things go? DH does not think he is behind cognitively or socially at home just at school. UGH. My mommy intuition says this is an autistic child who was completely incapable of getting through a day as an infant through toddlerhood but got heavy intervention that got us to this functional point. And now although he is more functional there is still something off. DH is a family doc and just feels he is PDD-NOS despite having no medical diagnosis for it. Just need some outside input. Thanks



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I probably would have him evaluated for an autism spectrum disorder again. There are some different approaches that are more commonly used for ASD kids that may benefit him and he may have more access to with an ASD diagnosis.

Your DH may be right. It is possible he is not fully autistic, but PDD-NOS and perhaps that PDD-NOS is due in large part to all the supports and therapy he has had, however PDD-NOS is considered an autism spectrum disorder and that would at least make some of those approaches more readily used and accessable. It would also help everyone involved (you and DH included) to understand how he thinks and processes the world.

Even though my DH and I have background in autism, when our kids were officially diagnosed it helped us look at them and thier difficulties in a new light and approach them differently. It kind of made it more real when an objective outside person gave us the diagnosis. The label also helps to access services.


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Jennifer, I'm so glad you stopped by.

I do have to be honest with you....when I was doing the research for Isaac, I was thinking of three little men who I knew "online" only....William was one of them.

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Hi Jennifer!

I agree with Renee and Debbie......follow your instinct....get him re-evaluated. My son was originally evaluated (by the school district only - no medical professionals) at 4. Nothing came of the eval - they said he had some sensory issues but that was it. Three and half years later I finally had him evaluated by a pediatric neurologist and he was diagnosed as Aspergers.

Good luck! We are here for you - ready to listen and offer support.