school behavior vs. home

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school behavior vs. home
Thu, 03-15-2007 - 3:01pm

Okay, I have lost 2 long posts, and therefore won't do the long explanation, again.

- Christina mom to-

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Mon, 03-26-2007 - 12:52am

Your theory sounds pretty good to me!

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Tue, 03-27-2007 - 6:12pm

I can't believe so many people have the same situation as I do with Chris. Just the other day in the CST meeting the principle made comment that they don't see anything of what I'm describing how Chris is like at home with his meltdowns or OCD.

Yes, he holds it together (besides shutting down and blanking out) at school, is very very literal and rule orientated. He would never dare be defiant to anyone in the school, or any other adult for that matter. He has always been like this.

But boy at home, look out!

That was a great theory Heather. Its sounds right to me.


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Tue, 03-27-2007 - 10:15pm


I'm so glad someone else remembers reading about the different "categories". I have to say though I don't remember ever seeing a book with Artichoke in the title. You'd better believe I'll be looking for that one now! :) Like you, I remember seeing Josh to a "t" when I read about the "rules boy", and I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was actually kind of nice.

I did find the book that I read with them in them though if you or anyone else is interested. It's actually kind of funny because I just reread the "rule boy" section and never remember seeing this statement: "This child can often be fine in school, but a real problem at is not unusual for parents of this type to be quite surprised to hear how well behaved their child is in school", but it is in there!!! How crazy is that??? It does go on to speak more about this particular difference between home and school that we have been discussing. Very interesting.

Parenting Your Asperger Child
by Alan Sohn, Ed.D., and Cathy Grayson, M.A.
ISBN: 0399530703

I do have to correct myself though. They show three main "subtypes". The "rule boy", the "logic boy", and the "emotion boy". Each subtype is then broken down further. After breaking down each subtype it gives good strategies for working with issues that come up for children in each subtype.

Has anyone else read this book?


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Thu, 03-29-2007 - 12:44am

Oh, yeah!