There are others out there!??

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There are others out there!??
Mon, 06-23-2003 - 12:32pm
I can not believe that I found out simply by chance that this site existed. I am a frequent visitor to the cervical cancer board, and one of the leaders suggested the parent soup board to another person on thier post. I am in shock. I don't have to be alone.

My name is Kelly, and I have a DH for all of 10 months. We found out that I have Cervical cancer two months after we were married. I have 2 boys, age 8 and 5 from a previous marriage. My 8 year old is ADHD, with Tourettes and just diagnosed with PDD/NOS. They thought Aspergers, but he did not qualify for all, and he has sensory problems, and social problems, etc. I am sure you know the routine. We have known about the ADHD for 3 years, and the Tourettes for about the same. But I knew that something else was going on. I had been around other ADHD children and knew that he was different. When my husband and I got married, we had to move to his area and we (by some miracle of God) found a family doctor who was on top of her game and saw that my oldest did need additional help. We had just been through heck in first grade with an older teacher who really was a hinderance to his progress. She said she had specialized in teaching ADHD children, but refused to let him go on the field trip for the year because he kept running in the hall. She never would get him and IEP because he was so bright she felt he did not need one. Any way, that was two years ago. Last year was difficult, because of the marriage, and the move and Patrick had to start a new school for the 2nd grade. Let me tell you something. The child has begun to excel. He is in Cub Scouts, Baseball, and went to day camp. (Now he does not really know how to make friends, but he does participate in the sports and he does know a lot of the people in the sports and scouts, so he is doing well.) We are going to attend a special social skills group therapy this fall, put on by the Childrens Hospital here, and he plans to try to play Football this fall. He passed all his classes with flying colors, he brought up his handwriting frade to passing from an "N" and has finally stopped peeing the bed (which he has done since his father left three years ago) and also during the day. Most every day is a huge struggle, but it is worlds apart from 4 years ago. Patrick was my first child, so for the longest time, I thought that all children were like he was and I was just tired and maybe a little crazy. I found out differently when the youngest was born. That is when I wanted to know why Patrick was different. Wow, thanks for giving me an outlet to vent, hopefully I will hear from someone to let me know that I am not alone.


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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 9:27pm
Hi, I'm relatively new here also for the past few months. Welcome to the board! I have learned alot here & had some laughs. Candes & Renee are very knowledgeable regarding AS & PDD kids and are a great resource. I would post your messages up higher under the regular postings as some of these get missed. My dd is 10 & was just diagnosed this yr. Her teacher last yr. mentioned AS & I did some research & was like hey! that's my kid. I too thought I was losing my mind & just thought she was normal but had odd behaviors. I am an R.N. & I guess I was just in denial. I had never heard of AS although I was familiar with autism. I never knew AS & PDD were part of the spectrum. We will start my dd with social group in the Fall with a psychologist. I hope it helps my dd, good luck with yours. Keep posting. MaryAnn
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Mon, 06-23-2003 - 11:30pm
Welcome Kelly!!

You're definately not alone. My PDD son is 12, at a very early age

he was dxed with adhd. We felt, later, that it was different

or more than the 'typical' adhd kid was. He was 8 when we got the

PDD diagnosis.

If there's ever anything you need and if I don't have the answers to, I

will do my best to look it up for you. Like "Maresgood" said, Renee

and Candes are very knowledgeable in this subject. (I would like to

say that I was, sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not--- been

dealing with my own health issues this year so My brain has

been put on hold a little bit).

Glad to have you join us!! Rebecca

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Tue, 06-24-2003 - 4:36pm
Welcome to our board.

Nope you are certainly not alone. My 2nd child (and 2nd with AS) was first diagnosed with ADHD at 5 y.o. He was just rediagnosed as AS at age 7. Although he hits all teh ADHD criteria, it just didn't explain him all that well. Something was missing. Our neuro thinks the ADHD symptoms were secondary to the AS difficulties. I am really hopeful we will make some real progress now that we are moving in the right direction. He was late in being diagnosed because our older dd was more your typical PDD kind of kid with more of the usual difficulties. As such our vision was blurred with regards to Mike's difficulties.

I found this board a little over a year ago and was so thrilled to see one specifically for AS/PDD kids. I never felt quite right at the autism boards, but this is home now.

Welcome to our little board.


ps. Mary Ann and Rebecca. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now if I can just remember to use my knowledge in my everyday life, hehe. I get a lot of info an support from you guys as well.