Update on us, 4th grade is DIFFERENT

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Update on us, 4th grade is DIFFERENT
Sun, 01-31-2010 - 2:28pm

Hi! It's been forever since I've been here, it seems. I always miss Chat.

Henry is in 4th grade now. He's doing great socially. For the first time ever, he has friends. He loves walking to and from school because he has regular friends that expect him and wait for him. At the pt conference earlier in the fall, his teacher told me that all the kids like him and pick him for partners and stuff. SOOO different than ever before. And on that note, Henry is really struggling with academics. He can't figure out how to study, he won't listen to me, and he has decided that anything that causes him trouble or stress is "boring" and therefore fights about doing it. Science and Social Studies are the big enemies right now, and his reading grade fluctuates depending on what they're reading at the time. Just when I figured out a way to trick him into studying (by having him quiz me), he got a bad ear infection and missed a week of school.

During Christmas break, Henry's neighborhood friend Payton invited him to spend the night for his birthday. He was the only kid that Payton wanted. Henry has never spent the night anywhere before, but he went and had a great time. Payton's mom even said she'd love to have Henry back another time.

Last weekend, a group of 6 (or 7) neighborhood kids came to our house on their bikes to ask Henry to come ride with them. 3 of the kids are in Henry's class right now. Henry doesn't know how to ride a bike w/o training wheels yet, and dh told the kids that Henry's bike was broken. Later Henry asked us not to answer the door if they came back. He said there was just too many kids. Good thing, though--Henry decided he wanted to learn to ride his bike so we've taken it to my parents' house where he's been trying.

This afternoon, Henry is going to a skating birthday party for a kid in his class. Seriously this year is the first one that Henry has been invited to more than one class birthday party. I don't even think he's been invited to one since first grade.

Mark (4 and nt) is crazy, sweet, volatile, and just his wacky self. He loves preschool and ALWAYS wants his friends to come over or to go their houses. When Henry's school friends came to the house, Mark got his helmet and little bike and went right outside to ride with all the big kids.

I got zapped by a nasty sinus infection, then got zapped by a nastier stomach bug but all that seems to be gone. I'm working 3 days a week now (Mother's Day Out) and helping in the school library on Wed. mornings when Mark is at preschool. When I'm not sick as a dog, I've been going to Zumba exercise class twice a week and Jazzercise classes whenever I can squeeze them in. My sill got me a Jazzercise pass for Christmas. I'm wanting to start running (Couch to 5K program) but the weather and my health hasn't been cooperating.

I think that's all the info from here.

Glad to see everyone!