When did you KNOW/ introduction

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When did you KNOW/ introduction
Fri, 07-06-2007 - 9:44pm

Quick introduction first, My name is Brook, I'm a 27 year old single mom with an awesome 5 year old girl, Emma. I'm a full time social worker for the state. Emma is 5 and about to start Kindergarten. At age three I realized we had a problem. She would have regular tantrums with biting and kicking. I got o the point where I could figure out when they would occur. As soon as we got home from any extended (more than an hour) outing, especially if that outing was to somewhere noisy. One day in January she bit me to the point of drawing blood, through my jeans. I staffed with my supervisor the next day, trying to figure out what we would tell a client to do. I called the mental health center and services started shortly there after. We did case management and received several different diagnosis. The first one was ODD, then mood disorder, then several sleep disorders, now currently ADHD. Until the last one Anxiety and ADHD were on rule out status. The ADHD was handed down with a script for Adderall two months ago. Emma's behavior has changed over the past two years, but some things have stayed the same. Since adding the Adderall some things have worsened/intensified.
She has ALWAYs has a sensitivity to sound. In the nursery, 12 hours after birth, the nurses commented on it. She doesn't like public restrooms because the toilets are too loud. She covers her ears regularly. She doesn't play pretend, she plays by lining her toys up. She's always appeared to be the popular kid in daycare. The kids come running to her, but she doesn't seem to care about them. She has to be prompted to make eye contact, sometimes to the point of holding her face.
Since starting the adderall she has become more hyperfocused. She will get so into something that she truly won't hear anything. She has also become more obsessive about finishing. If it's time to be done and she can't finish it's an all out tantrum.
Today I found out that she's been obsessed with building pyramids. Any center she has played at this week, she has attempted to build a pyarmid. This week she began making odd noises in class.
The dr's have asked in the past about Aspergers or Autism, and I've always said, "no, she has friends." Now I'm the one thinking. I've done lots of reading and it seems to fit, but I'm not sure if I'm just grasping at straws. She has a psych appointment Wednesday and I plan to take all this info to her. But before then I wanted to ask, at what age did you "KNOW" something, and what was the final straw that made you accept it?

Thank you for making it through this really long post.


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Fri, 08-10-2007 - 9:16pm

I've posted here a few times but not recently.

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Sat, 08-11-2007 - 4:58pm

Hi Brook, I'm new here, for the most part, too.

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Sun, 08-12-2007 - 8:02am

I actually had no idea until about 5 months ago that there may be a problem. My daughter is 4 1/2 and was just dx last month with PDD-NOS. She was hitting kids at school and unable to focus, obsessed with certain articles of clothing to the point it could ruin her entire day if we did not allow her to wear a scarf, hat, gloves and certain coat to school in warm weather.... now I realize how obvious it was but she is my only child. She is social, bright, and very creative, so I thought there was no way she could be on the "spectrum". When I realized her problems at school I noticed how she never asks "why", would not go potty in public restrooms anymore because of the noise, and did not know how to interact appropriately with kids her age. It's funny because I looked over all the notes from her pediatrician and she always hit her milestones ahead of time and one visit he even wrote "super-smart" on it....so it was difficult for me to pick up on.

Enough rambling...the bottom line is if you have any concerns have her see a neurodevelopmental ped, because if she is on the spectrum the sooner she receives therapy the better her prognosis.

Good luck!

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Tue, 08-14-2007 - 2:06pm

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