Which Muppet Character Are You?

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Which Muppet Character Are You?
Sun, 05-09-2004 - 9:16pm
DS got this in email. I did it the long way see below or you can click on this link and let the computer tally it for you: http://www.savethegoldfish.co.uk/fun/muppet.php

BTW I am Elmo!!!!!

Have you ever wondered which Muppet character you are most like? A team

of researchers got together and analyzed the personalities of Sesame

Street characters, and put the information gathered into this quiz.

Answer each question with the answer that most nearly describes

you, then add up the points that correspond with your answers. Then

send this quiz to your friends, including the person who sent it to you,

with your Muppet character in the subject line.

Use paper and pen, number to 10, because you'll want to keep track of

both the question number and your answer. Here goes:

1) What describes your perfect date?

a. Candlelight dinner for two

b. Amusement park

c. Rollerblading in the park

d. Rock concert

e. See a movie

2) What is your favorite type of music?

a. Rock and Roll

b. Alternative

c. Soft Rock

d. classical

e. Popular

3) What is your favorite type of movie?

a. Comedy

b. Horror

c. Musical

d. Romance

e. Documentary

4) Which of the following jobs would you chose if given

only these choices?

a. Waiter/Waitress

b. Sports Player

c. Teacher

d. Policeman

e. Bartender

5) Which would you rather do if you had an hour to waste?

a. Work out

b. Read

c. Watch TV

d. Listen to the Radio

e. Sleep

6) Of the following colors, which do you like the best?

a. Yellow

b. White

c. Sky Blue

d. Teal

e. Red

7) Which one of the following would you like to eat right now?

a. Ice Cream

b. Pizza

c. Sushi

d. Pasta

e. Salad

8) What is your favorite Holiday?

a. Halloween

b. Christmas

c. New Year's

d. Valentine's Day

e. Thanksgiving

9) If you could go to one of the following, which would it be?

a. Paris

b. Spain

c. Las Vegas

d. Hawaii

e. Hollywood

10) Of the following, who would you rather spend time with?

a. Someone who is smart

b. Someone who is good looking

c. Someone who is a party animal

d. Someone who has fun all the time

e. Someone who is very emotional

Now for the scoring..........

1) a = 4 b = 2 c = 5 d = 1 e = 3

2) a = 2 b = 1 c = 4 d = 5 e = 3

3) a = 2 b = 1 c = 3 d = 4 e = 5

4) a = 4 b = 5 c = 3 d = 2 e = 1

5) a = 5 b = 4 c = 2 d = 1 e = 3

6) a = 1 b = 5 c = 3 d = 2 e = 4

7) a = 3 b = 3 c = 1 d = 4 e = 5

8) a = 1 b = 3 c = 2 d = 4 e = 5

9) a = 4 b = 5 c = 1 d = 2 e = 3

10) a = 5 b = 2 c = 1 d = 3 e = 4

(10 - 17 points) You are Oscar.

Your wild and crazy and you know it.

You know how to have fun, but you may take it to the extreme. You know

what you are doing though, and are much incontrol of your own life.

People don't always see things your way, but that doesn't mean that you

should do away with your beliefs.

Try to remember that your wild spirit can lead to hurting yourself and


(18 - 26 points) You are Ernie.

You are fun, friendly, and popular. Your are a real crowd pleaser.

You have probably been out on your share of times, yet you come home

with the values that your mother taught you. Marriage and children are

important to you, but only after you have fun. Don't let people

influence you to stray.

(27 - 34 points) You are Elmo.

You are cute, and everyone loves you. You are a best friend that no one

takes the chance of losing. You never hurt feelings and seldom have

your own feelings hurt. Life is a breeze.

You are witty and calm most of the time. Just keep clear of

backstabbers, and you are worry free.

(35 - 42 points) You are Kermit.

You are a lover. Romance, flowers and wine are all you need to enjoy


You are serious about all commitments. A family person.

You call your Mom every day, and never forget a Birthday.

Don't let your passion for romance get confused with the real thing.

(43 - 50 points) You are Bert.

You are smart, a real thinker. Every situation is approached with a


You are very healthy in mind and body. You teach strong family values.

Keep your feet planted in them, but don't overlook a bad situation when

it does happen.



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Wed, 05-18-2005 - 10:59am
I'm Ernie :)

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Wed, 05-04-2005 - 2:13am

I followed the link and found out I'm Beaker! Well that explains a lot!! LOL!

Actually, I'm either Beaker or Kermit, depending on whether I follow the link and let the computer tally it for me or do the one you put at the bottom of your post (which doesn't include Beaker.)

I suppose both are pretty accurate. Kermit one day, Beaker the next.


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Sun, 04-17-2005 - 9:09pm

Ok. I'm Kermit. It's not easy being green!

But Elmo is my favorite, I wish I were like Elmo, but I am actually more like Kermit!

Fun quiz! Thanks for sharing!


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Sat, 04-16-2005 - 2:32pm

Do you think it's coincidence that so far we're all Elmo or Gonzo? HMMMMM I was Elmo too!! Although my feelings do get hurt and I tend to say what's on my mind, which can upset people, oh well right?


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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 4:35pm

Another Elmo here!

~ Chelsea
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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 7:21am
BTW the description of Gonzo fits me, well, except the nose! At least it did when I was 30. And it does now re the family building part.


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Mon, 05-10-2004 - 7:17am
My favorite, I'm most like Gonzo!!!


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Sun, 05-09-2004 - 11:22pm
YEAH!!! I'm Elmo!! I love Elmo!! He's also Nathan's favorite character!!


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Sun, 05-09-2004 - 11:19pm


I am Gonzo too! Here is the description. It's pretty accurate, except for the nose part!

You are GONZO
You have a giant nose, a nose so big that some call it a deformity. You are a well balanced individual who enjoys a little bit of everything. Your varied lifestyle can sometimes cause dilemmas especially when your desire for a pleasant family life conflicts with your urge to party. You are constantly organising your time to ensure social events don't interfere with family time. You are a career person with goals and targets. Your goals often change as the wilder side of your personality tells you you're bored. You like stability and security but often worry that you are getting tied down. You are prone to making impulsive decisions that impact on your career and family life. As you age you find the focus of your life shifting from party animal to family builder.



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Sun, 05-09-2004 - 10:58pm
Hmmmm. What I pasted doesn't have Gonzo's description. If you don't mind saying-what does it say about Gonzo?

Did you enjoy the quiz?

With Elmo it says that I never hurt anyone's feelings or mine rarely gets hurt which is soooooooo not true with me. I sometimes say things that offend people and I feel bad because I didn't mean to. My feelings get hurt really easy.


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