Wondering what you think?

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Wondering what you think?
Tue, 06-22-2004 - 8:52am
My name is Jayme. I am 24 years old, living in Utah, and have two little boys. Johnathan is 3 year old, and Ethan is 8 months old.

I have some concerns about Johnathan. Here are some bits and pieces of messages I've written to different boards. Please tell me what you think?


Johnathan is a very bright little boy. He has been telling us the alphabet from written form, as well as numbers 1-9 since he was 18 months old. He can now also recognize numbers 10, 11, and 12. He knows many shapes including octogons, hexagons, parallelograms, trapezoids, pentagons, crescents, etc. He is just recently picking up on colors.

Johnathan has been working steadily on potty training since last summer, and now goes all day (excluding naptime and bedtime) in underware. He rarely has a wet accident. He has recently begun telling us when he needs to go. He will pull his pants and underware down or up with a little help. We're having some trouble getting him to poop in the potty. He does not wipe himself yet. He needs help washing his hands.

He repeats things that we say to him, throws a tantrum when things change suddenly (if the change is unwelcome), likes to organize things (he will line all of his cars up, etc), he memorizes quickly, will get stuck into doing things in patterns, will become focused on one interest for a while (right now it's dinosaurs), will not open a present for anything, has to be coaxed into doing things in certain situations, and sometimes has a short attention span.

My dh (his dad) was diagnosed with ADD as a teen. I was diagnosed with OCD as a teen and SAD as an adult. My mom and I have always wondered if I, too, have ADD but I have never been diagnosed.

Johnathan was tested today for an early intervention program that offers free preschool to children that qualify as developmentally delayed. The tester mentioned that she thinks that he shows some signs of minor autism. But was baffled that he is as far as he is in potty learning. Trusting my own instinct, I don't think he is autistic, but rather has problems with ADD, OCD or SAD (or a combination), as his dad and I do.

However, my mom has mentioned that the reason that she thinks I might have ADD is because there has always seemed to be something a little "off" with me. So maybe it isn't ADD but minor autism. I still really don't think so, but am curious about what you all think, since you have some experience with it.

I am planning on doing further research on the web, and possibly talking to his doctor about it. However, I have brought up the possibility of autism with our pediatrician in the past (when my dh once mentioned concern), but she thinks it's more likely one or a combination of the disorders I mentioned above.

*****(taken from the Autism board)


Johnathan was tested for early intervention preschool and speech therapy last Monday. He scored 83 in cognative language, and 81 in behavior. 85 is considered average, so he is just barely below average. However, he only scored a 65 in motor skills which has me pretty baffled. So, we will be going back in July to see if he will qualify for speech therapy and preschool. And because of his motor skills score, we already know that he qualifies for occupational therapy, and he will be doing that this fall. I'm a little concerned about him. The tester told me that he shows autistic tendancies. However, if he were to be autistic it would be a high functioning form. He is verbal, and really isn't difficult to understand. His temper tantrums aren't any worse than most other kids his age. He is doing well in potty training, with only a couple of hurdles that we haven't quite overcome. He makes eye contact and is affectionate (though he wasn't very affectionate as a baby). I have found some information on asperger's syndrome that seems to fit. However, it shares symptoms with attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder. Corey was diagnosed with ADD as a teen. I was diagnosed with OCD as a teen, and SAD shortly after having Johnathan. Though I have never been diagnosed, my parents and I have often wondered if I have a minor case of ADD myself. All three are hereditary, so his problem could simply be one or a combination of these. However, many AS people are originally diagnosed with one or more of the above, and are now finding out that it's actually AS. Johnathan is me in a miniature, male form. My mom has told me that she's always felt that there was something a little "off" with me (which is why we've always suspected ADD), but now after the info I have researched, we are beginning to wonder if I might have been misdiagnosed with SAD and OCD and might actually have AS. But again, there are pieces that don't fit, because according to what I've read, most AS patients never marry or have families, they rarely make eye contact, they are clumsy, and several other things that don't fit. However, it would explain a lot, why I was always the scapegoat in school, why I never cared for or got along with my peers, why I tend to focus (almost dwell) on something for a long period of time, and why it is so difficult for me to break certain habits. So now I'm beginning to wonder if Johnathan just has ADD, OCD, SAD or a combination, or whether it's really AS. And I'm wondering the same about myself.

***** (taken from the Latter-Day Saints Families board)


I have Ethan's 9 month appt set up in July about two weeks after Johnathan goes for his second early intervention testing session. There is supposed to be a psychologist at that session, and hopefully he can tell us more. I'm thinking of bringing Johnathan with me to Ethan's doctor's appt and asking our pediatrician what she thinks. The thing holding me back there, though, is that she was my dh's doctor, and his sister's doctor, and is currently his brother's doctor, as well as our kids' doctor, and his sister's ds (and Carson before he passed away last year). Dh has ADD, as well as both of his siblings. She also knows about my problems. So, I'm a little concerned that she will automatically assume ADD. I'm not saying that it can't be that. Just that now that I've looked into this other, I want to be sure.

Maybe I should also mention that my dh thinks that asperger's syndrome is Mr. Asperger's way of cashing in on ADD, and that there isn't really anything to it. I can see why he might think that, but there are some pieces that just don't fit.

I mentioned that Johnathan is me all over again. Everything he does reminds me of myself. He sings to himself as he goes throughout his day. He likes to be read to. He's very interested in my piano, and I'm planning on beginning to teach him in another year or two. He's had a hard time with playing with other kids, but has always connected really well with dh's sister's little boy. And just recently, has started playing with my sibling's kids, and the kids in nursery really well too. He is very loving with his baby brother. Wants to kiss and hug him, and bring him toys, and when Ethan begins to cry for me in the mornings, Johnathan comforts him until I get there.

A little more about myself, I was the scapegoat in school and no one knew why. I taught myself how to read and write at age 4. As a child, I talked like a little adult, but we always figured that was because my siblings were so much older than me that I was just talking like the people I was around the most. I had a very hard time around my peers. I never seemed to know what to say, and still don't. I don't attempt jokes, because for some reason, when I tell them, they are never funny. Even if I am telling the very same joke someone else told that was thought to be funny. I am usually the last person to figure out the punchline of jokes too. I have had people tell me several times that I have said something with a sharp tone to my voice or in a mean way, but I didn't hear it, and certainly didn't mean it that way. I become depressed and frustrated easily.

*****(also taken fromt he LDS Families board)

Sorry this is so long, but I'm really trying to get some advice and see whether people who are actually dealing with it think it could be a possibility.






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Hi, Jayme!

~ Chelsea