Feel like im losing my son and my mind!

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Feel like im losing my son and my mind!
Thu, 05-22-2014 - 7:56pm

My son was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten and it has been an up hill battle ever since. He ia a great student so graded have never been an issue but it was his behavior. He started on Adderall and after a year and a half the side edfects became to much and he was rederred to a psychologist ans was changed to Focalin. His behavior has improved but about 8 months ago he told us that he was seeinf monsters in his room at night and refused to sleep. We went back to the doctor and we were told that he had signs of being bi polar. He was started on ablify and it didn't work. He still wasn't sleeping and he was dropping weight very fast. He is 8 now and weighs about 58 pounds. He was taken off the ablify and started on Seraquel. That has made a big difference but he has become even more intraverted. He doesn't make friends easily and because he is quiet, he gets picked on. 

Anyway to make a long story shorter, we can't get him to open up to anyone. We have tried family counseling and he is currently in individual counseling that is not helping. I feel like I am losing my son because he won't open up and talk. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

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Mon, 05-26-2014 - 10:46pm

I'm confused about what is going on here.  A psychologist cannot prescribe drugs, and talk therapy will not treat bi-polar disorder.  It won't treat ADD either.  It will help patients with both disorders to find new ways of coping, once they are CAPABLE of new behaviours.  And that is after their biochemical disorders have been correctly managed.   So, who is prescribing these drugs?  On what basis?  What EXACTLY were/are the problems?   Abilify is a ridiculously dangerous drug to put an 8 year old on, especially on the basis that he sees monsters in his room at night.  MANY 8yo's see the boogyman under the bed.  What EXACTLY do you want him to "open up" about? 

You need to find a GOOD PSYCHIATRIST.  Preferably a pediatric psychiatrist, who has a good understanding of psychopharmacology,  and who does counseling in addition to medication checks.  You need someone who treats the whole patient, and their family.  Ask for a COMPLETE psychiatric work-up.  Once you have a proper diagnosis, then treatment can begin.