autism/bipolar/schizophrenia/ADHD/depression link

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autism/bipolar/schizophrenia/ADHD/depression link
Fri, 03-01-2013 - 1:03pm

I saw this recently in the news.

Finally they are figuring out that all these disorders are linked.  We have all of these disorders under one roof in our family.  So now that they've located the genetic link, when does my life get easier?

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This was so unsurprising since they had been finding genetic links for years now between schizophrenia and bipolar, bipolar and depression, schizophrenia and autism, bipolar and autism, etc.  And ... between them and disorders involving our immune system!

I remembered this from 5 years ago...

Genetic Links to “Developmental”, “Mental”, “Auto-Immune” and other Medical Disorders

In the new article, it says...
"It wasn’t a complete surprise. . . "
"every psychiatrist knows of patients whose symptoms don’t clearly meet the definition of any one disease, and he noted that Sigmund Freud defined schizophrenia as a group of diseases."

Yep. We keep rediscovering the same info in different ways. What gets me is that although we keep seeing commonalities in underlying pathologies - common inflammatory processes, common sensitivities, common nutritional needs, common deficits in eliminating toxicities, but what doctors keep trying to do is directly influence brain neurochemicals, which in my opinion is fine when absolutely necessary, but then, the next step needs to be taken - to truly treat and, when possible, heal, underlying problems causing the problem with the neurochemicals in the brain.

Often, the problem is not just "in the head".

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