Best Friends & Mental Health

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Best Friends & Mental Health
Fri, 01-27-2012 - 4:38pm

Researchers found that having kids having a best friend with them in times of trouble showed much less affect on their physical and mental well being than if they were alone:

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Sat, 01-28-2012 - 11:31am

I know that my little girl having a best friend and other friends who stuck by her through Depression, Bipolar mood swings and psychosis helped her survive, and no doubt helped keep her self-esteem up through it all. I know that many kids like my daughter lose their friends due to their illness but she had some really good friends!

As for the devastation of fights between them... :-( That happened to my older daughter in first year of middle school. A girl was jealous of their freindship so told my daughter friend "J" said bad things about her behind her back, and then told friend "J" MY daughter was saying bad things about HER behind her back. Neither was true and it broke their friendship apart. My daughter cried for a month and it broke my heart. It wasn't a boo-boo I could kiss and make feel better. :-(

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