Childhood Obesity - The perfect storm

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Childhood Obesity - The perfect storm
Mon, 06-13-2011 - 1:58pm

I HIGHLY recommend this audio-visual presentation.

What's really causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic What Kids Say

This is a brilliant lecture-- worth watching from beginning to end. Wow... I almost got addicted to those Starbuck frappucinos.... I was lucky they are so expensive, and I also had my routine changed that kept me away from the place where it was so convenient to buy. Anyway, I got hives and found I had food issues. I tell people I am GLAD I have food allergies. I eat so much better now! Sure - I could eat junkily but I took the opportunity after going through the withdrawal phase (YES - it is WITHDRAWAL) to just continue staying away from bad foods. YES -- they are ADDICTIVE! If it weren't for my food allergies I would probably still be addicted to chips and more.

If you absolutely do not have the time to watch it all, perhaps you can just start from around slide 60. Just click on any slide you want to start with on the left-hand column.

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