Did anyone see "A Beautiful Mind"?

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Did anyone see "A Beautiful Mind"?
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 10:02am
Did anyone see the movie "A Beautiful Mind"? I thought it was great.

You see the world from the perspective of the mentally ill John Nash.

It was impossible to tell when the craziness started taking over

and what people were real or imaginary....

until the end,

but then I had to watch it again just to verify my hunches.

Check it out


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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 10:20am
Oh I loved it! Was beautifully done. And I couldn't even figure it out for a while. Not until the little girl never aged, then I thought something was up.
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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 11:27am
You know, I am still not sure the shrink wasn't a Russian spy! ;-)

I didn't know what to think about his room mate.

I have seen some crazy antics at VT so it's so hard to tell what it

crazy behavior and what is just youthful vigor.

Just think, Nash was on the roof drinking and yelling at people and

nobody was up there with him! That's how people take there first flight

without a plane. Being a student is part insanity in itself so who would

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 3:34pm
I saw it with my son, who has schizophrenia, and his sister on Christmas day. It was the most wonderful Christmas present! It is a great movie for introducing the illness to the general public. The book is much more detailed and gets into many of the negative parts of his life but leaving these out for the movie was a good choice I felt.

My son really related to the part where he did not want to take his meds. (My son's nemesis) He really liked the movie. Watching the awards night, I could not help but cry when it won best picture!