Gay Teen Commits Suicide Over Bullying & Depression

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Gay Teen Commits Suicide Over Bullying & Depression
Mon, 10-17-2011 - 3:26pm

My heart breaks for this boy, along with his family and friends, who decided that he could no longer live with depression:

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I am glad there is now a criminal investigation. But there is something so morally wrong within our society-often in the guise of "religion" that creates teens who would publicly cheer at the suicide of a poor boy who was sad and confused. I read the research finding that homosexuality is set up by the hormonal exposure en-utero. For this difference a person is hounded to DEATH? I am so disgusted by it.

It makes me fear for my grandkids (which I don't have yet). It makes me want to have them never go to a regular school!

Can we get through to our children how precious they are and how artificial the school environment is? Can we get through to them that if things are bad, COME TO US, and we will yank them out of school - do anything for them... whatever it takes?

But how do protect all the kids if I even question how much we can protect our own.

Anti-bullying starting from day 1 with the very young children in school HAS been shown to work. But it must be a commitment by the school staff and an environment consciously maintained in the school.

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