Getting Children Help (slight rant)

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Getting Children Help (slight rant)
Thu, 02-21-2013 - 12:28am

okay so maybe not slight..... but this has been a thorn in my side for so long... off and on.  Trying to get help and/or find someone qualified especially for pediatrics is a major pain.  My son, who is now 9 (going on 2 at times), started showing symptoms early of issues with behavior.  He never left the terrible twos.  but he also had a developmental delay.  pediatrician was great for pediatrician basic items only.  as soon as he turned 3 we were told we could see our local school district for possible help.  yep he's slightly delayed but doesnt qualify for care.  another year goes by, no he hasnt made hardly any speech progress in this last year (big surprise), so back to the school again.  plus this time we were referred to a local children's hospital program

before the IEP was even done he qualified for special services and started a few months later.  the diagnosing of him was something else.  I knew it probably wasnt Autism but the only program I could get him into without a HUGE wait (of like 6-8 months) was for an autism evaluation.  nope not autistic but showed ADHD signs.  one visit with a psychologist I believe.  we were also referred to a local univeristy hospital which had a developmental delay program.  another evaluation but wait was much shorter and very similar to an IEP but more in depth and over multiple appointments.  definitely ADHD with borderline ODD.  

unfortunately whenever I take my son in, the physicians, counselors, etc... see this nice little boy who is slightly shy at first then starts to open up.  How about we set up a situation or two to show you what he's like.  but yet they noted I was slightly aggitated that day (maybe because trying to get him to cooperate and wait for his appt in an exam room doesnt work).  was also able to be referred by that clinic to a pediatrician in my area who specializes in ADHD.  almost didnt get into the clinic because they usually only take new cases.  

their office was pretty good including an inservice on ADHD and the medications for the parents.  very informative.  stayed with them for a while... then we moved from WA to CA.  made sure to get enough prescriptions to last a few months.  being with a new job I dont want to take much time off from work.  he's under an IEP again with his new school.... but sure enough we're out of meds.  nope physician in WA cant fax it over because of what the meds are (controlled substances) it has to be a hand written prescription.  calling clinics, my insurance to see who can take him and when.  and of course long waits if I can get thru.  Or no replies from most places.  Another place has been kinda "working" with me but I'm about ready to talk to the office manager... oh I'll check on that today and let you know... oh I'll take care of the authorization and get back to you... and it just goes on.  I've tried contacting my local county.  they werent any help either.  I've asked the school for recommendations.  no answers.  

seems like maybe more pediatricians should be trained in mental health for children... we need to be able to get our children in to be seen without these huge long waits.  medication isnt always the answer but when I did both medication and counseling for my son... the medication helped so much.  his teachers noticed right away that he could sit still more and focus more.  Just the last couple of days (without meds) his school is noticing how no he's not paying attention as well or getting along with others as well... simply because he hasnt had medication.

just my 2 cents :)


Single mom to an internationally adopted son, age 9 3/4; adopted at age 2.5 months from country of Georgia; diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and developmental delay issues

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Thu, 02-21-2013 - 5:07pm

I'm sorry you are having such a tough time getting your son in to see a new doctor.  I totally agree that there shouldn't be these long waits and more training in mental health needs to happen.  Have you asked around at your work to see if your co-workers could recommend a pediatrician? 

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Sun, 02-24-2013 - 5:36am

I know what you're talking about.  DS can only see a ped. psych. by teleprompt because there is no one within driving distance.  He's the lucky one.  His sister is an adult now.  There isn't even anyone to see on teleprompt for her.  She hasn't seen a psychiatrist in 14 months.  She had an appt. this week, finally, to see a psychiatric nurse practictioner.  They called the day before to tell me she quit and they don't know when they'll be able to reschedule my DD.  She is not just a little bit sick.  She needs a doctor.  We already have 14 months of all our lives that we can never get back.  I totally understand your frustration.

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Thu, 02-28-2013 - 11:55pm

i don't know if your new area is rural or not, I'm lucky to live  Houston. what i find is most effective is to call my insurance company and ask for a list of in network pediatric psychiatrists to contact.