The Gluten Made Her Do It

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The Gluten Made Her Do It
Sat, 01-05-2013 - 4:15pm

There have been over 3 decades of large scientific research studies vetted in peer-reviewed medical journals showing that there is a connection with foods, nutrition, the gut, and the BRAIN... aka "mental" illness.  I sometimes feel ashamed at my own ignorance when my kids were growing up and so badly affected. What I DIDN'T know could.. ha ha ha ... fill a couple books ;-)

So, along the lines of my own book about my younger daughter, is this mother's story. It is a wonderful article - worth the read... actually should be mandatory reading in psychiatric offices. I think I'll send my own daughters' former psychiatrist the link.

The gluten made her do it: How going gluten free saved my daughter's mental health

www. It's Not Mental .com