Help with how to deal with fears of 3yr old after Irene

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Help with how to deal with fears of 3yr old after Irene
Sat, 09-10-2011 - 9:05pm

Hi everyone,

I live in VT in a town that was hit hard by Irene.

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Hi crc76, welcome to the board. I think it's just going to take lots of extra love and reassurance from you that everything will be fine. It's hard at these younger ages when they don't understand your explanations that this was a rare occurrence. Does she have special lovey that you could make sure is on-hand when the weather gets bad? Maybe you could have her help you pick out a new blanket or stuffed animal that could represent safety when she's feeling anxious about the weather.

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Your poor daughter :( I was just talking about this with my sister-in-law, they've been affected by wildfires and almost had to evacuate last week. Since then my 7 yo. niece has been very anxious, she wasn't able to leave her at school on Friday because she was so scared of a fire starting up again. I hope you can find ways to understand that bad weather doesn't always mean that you have to be scared. Like the previous poster said, I would just keep giving her lots of love so she feels more secure.

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I'd start doing fun things in more mild wind and rain, and working my way up. Make wind playful. Like fly kites. Talk about seed dispersal and show how dandelions spread when we blow on them. Grow sprouts she can see and show the connection with the rain.

Sometimes there is a big storm and we are told in advance and we take precautions, but all the rest are just fun. Make a "rainstick" (the things that sound like gentle rain when we turn them over). Make "thunder" - Pretend thunderstorms with umbrellas in the house as a "tent" and a pretend campfire you "roast" marshmallows over.

During real lightening, work your way up to a cozy hotchocolate on Mommy's lap as you ooh and aww over the beautiful lightening show. LAUGH! and dance around happily.

Not sure all this will work, but it might. She needs to desensitize by associating it with either it is no big deal, or it is fun. I do know a gorl who is now about ten and she is so severely disabled from the fear - she literally goes "bonkers" every time there is even rain, let alone a thunderstorm, and OMG - when there was a tornado warning at her school..... :smileysurprised:

The scent of lavender is supposed to be soothing so that may help.


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