NAMI State Workshops

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NAMI State Workshops
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 10:36am

There were three workshops at our NAMI State Conference worth noting.

One was on the fact that the diagnoses from the DSM are NOT MEDICAL DIAGNOSES - they are labels for communicating sets of symptoms and do not say what the cause is. Not only that, but the psychiatrist is under no obligation to determine cause. It could be a brain tumor... and it is not their responsibility, nor a "mis-diagnosis". It is up to the patient to get checked medically. Easier said than done.

Another workshop was on nutrition, diet, exercise, smoking, and sleep!!!   AWESOME!

And another one was about our pathetic legal system which is criminalizing people whose brain is not functioning... yet there are roadblocks to even getting them health care even when families are desperate and have spent years petitioning Sherriff's offices, and judges to please please please help their ill family member BEFORE they do something horrific to themselves or others.

Without knowing more... I do NOT blame the Colorado gunman for doing what he did. I blame our entire medical/legal/social system.  We came face  to face with the stupid laws when my younger daughter realized with horror that if she ever became psychotic after the age of 18 (and remember, we can become psychotic just from the side-effect of some medications like for asthma or allergies!) there is NO WAY to ensure she got adequate care to keep her (and others) safe until she was well again!!! 

Other people I know encounter the legal/justice loopholes trying to get their kid help even after they have been doing terroristic threatening for years, and had guns confiscated by the FBI (I kid you not!)

I am very proud of our state NAMI to have had these critical topics presented!  All three should be topics at a National level!

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