Psychological Repercussion of Psychiatric Hospitalization

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Psychological Repercussion of Psychiatric Hospitalization
Mon, 09-26-2011 - 8:22am

Now that my older daughter no longer has her "bipolar disorder" and is graduating with a degree in social work, she has had a lot of time to think clearly about her life, and we have had numerous discussions about the fallout from her prolonged illness and hospitalizations.

There is a dark side I didn't know about. I wonder... had we know, would there have been something that could have been done to prevent the emotional/psychological damage?

Being hospitalized for "mental illness" and being told one is crazy, can strip away a person's confidence in their ability to think and judge. They feel something is basically WRONG with themselves - otherwise they would not have wound up in the psych hospital, right? And if something is wrong with them... they are "damaged" - "flawed" on some basic level. The dark side is they then become easy prey - targets for narcissists and emotional abusers who can dominate them because they have lost that sense of self and confidence. And they won't recognize what has happened to them and what is happening. Being in Social Work, one can look around and see the fallout first hand, of people who are in this emotional battleground - the walking wounded.

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